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Evolution X with Android 12 For Redmi K20 Pro/Mi 9T Pro (Raphael)

Evolution X v6.0 Snow
Android: 12 (S)
Updated: 2022-01-15
File size: 1.79 GB
By: Joey Huab


Evolution X v6.0 Snow::

  • Add settings to toggle the phantom process monitoring in dev options
  • AuthRippleController: always finish the LightRevealScrim
  • Battery Styles: Fix landscape battery size
  • Battery Styles: Fix percentage view on landscape battery
  • ColorUtils: Prevent crash if alpha component is translucent
  • Evolver: GamingMode: Add night light and brightness level
  • Evolver: Navbar Settings: Add a footer pref to show a hint message
  • Evolver: Navbar: Lock layout and arrow keys if the 3buttons navbar isn’t in use
  • Evolver: Pulse initial checkin for Android 12
  • Evolver: Remove old lock screen visualizer toggles
  • Evolver: Remove redundant line for Combined Signal icons
  • GamingModeTile: Don’t store state in settings
  • GamingModeTile: Only restore enabled settings
  • IconPackRounded: Use correct icon for notification and ring volume
  • Make QS brightness slider animation more subtle
  • Merge Pixel January 2021 security patches
  • PixelPropsUtils: Bail out early when required
  • PixelPropsUtils: Consolidate google app checks
  • PixelPropsUtils: Extend list of packages to keep
  • PixelPropsUtils: update raven fp from SQ1D.220105.007 build
  • Pulse: Add more NPE checks
  • Pulse: Extend to Ambient Screen
  • Pulse: Fix up navbar layout logic
  • Settings: Add proximity check on wake preference
  • Settings: Allow toggling floating rotation button
  • Settings: Fix up panel theme and layout
  • Settings: Make signal & wifi icon overlay persistent across reboots
  • Settings: Temp remove broken reset battery stats feature
  • Settings: add NPE check for SetupWizard usage
  • Settings: stop logspill from ProcessStats
  • SystemUI: LocationTile: Be affected by the secure tiles toggle
  • SystemUI: Properly adapt new switches in screen recorder dialog
  • SystemUI: fix black qqs on keyguard in light theme
  • VolumeDialogControllerImpl: Stop log spam with no caption service
  • overlays: Add unlinked ringtone and notification volume icons
  • overlays: oos: Add dummy icons to fix preview
  • overlays: oos: Add status bar bluetooth icons
  • overlays: oos: Adjust width and height for dnd and vibrate icons
  • overlays: oos: Fix edit icon color in Settings

Device changes:

  • Add Tethering Config
  • Add WifiOverlay
  • Add missing bluetooth overlays
  • Bind mount Wifi Aware feature permissions.
  • Build libminijail and libavservices_minijail from source
  • Build tinymix
  • Disable NearbyMessagingService
  • Disable debug.sf.latch_unsignaled from prop.
  • Don’t sign Wifi RROs with platform cert
  • Enable minimum confirmation duration for sending network score to
  • Fix Mifare Classic reading
  • Force triple frame buffers
  • Kill more IMS logspam
  • Remove fs_config_files from PRODUCT_PACKAGES
  • Remove wifi related internal overlays
  • Set config_suspendWhenScreenOffDueToProximity true
  • Sign Tether RROs with default cert
  • TetheringOverlay: Change wifi tether regex
  • Update Wifi config
  • Update storage path to /data/vendor/nfc
  • Upstream latest Soviet kernel changes
  • Use primary input sources for voip_tx
  • We can have a minimum brightness of 1
  • WifiOverlay: Update from CAF tag LA.UM.9.1.r109100SMxxx0.0
  • add Board info
  • audio: Add hotword input for hotword mic concurrency
  • audio: Disable ULL mode
  • audio: add compress recording configurations
  • audio: enforce 24bit audio for offload playback
  • audio: offload 24 bits playback supports aac format
  • audio: update audio_io_policy for VoIP
  • fix hw_random permissions
  • gps: Localise NTP to improve GPS TTFF
  • gps: New configs for better stability & accuracy
  • ini: Remove TDLS INI from ini file
  • ini: Remove TxPower2g and 5g from config file
  • ini: Remove drop_bcn_on_chan_mismatch ini
  • nfc: Tone down debugging
  • overlay update light sensor Debounce
  • overlay: give light sensor some time to warm up
  • parts: Add icon for Clear Speaker
  • parts: Add vector images to doze menu.
  • parts: dirac: Add hifi vector icons
  • parts: dirac: Add vector icons
  • parts: dirac: Update vector icons to MD2 versions
  • perf: Enable the prerendering feature
  • props: Enable RichCommunication Services
  • props: Update aux camera packagelist and remove duplicate
  • rootdir: give proper permissions for /dev/diag
  • rro_overlays: Redo TetheringOverlay’s blueprint
  • rro_overlays: overlay tethering and wifi stack from Google
  • wifi Extend config_wifi_framework_recovery_timeout_delay to 3 seconds
  • wifi: Disable RX wakelock feature
  • wifi: Disable TDLS offchannel
  • wifi: Disable WLAN Firmware loggings
  • wifi: Disable WPA2 to WPA3 autoupgrade in P18 and P19 devices
  • wifi: Enable QPower and Deep sleep at the same time
  • wifi: Enable nl broadcast logging and disable packet logging
  • wifi: Ignore tracking if any NUD failure occurs
  • wifi: Relax WiFi reassociation RSSI thresholds
  • wifi: add parameters for Hotspot 2.0
  • wifi: enable 2.4GHz channel bonding
  • wifi: smarter decisions on whether to use a 2 or 5Ghz AP


  • Use the latest A11 firmware for your device variant as it is required.
  • Do not dirty flash from Android 11. Best to clean flash.




  • All Testers and Developers.

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