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Download PixysOS 6.2.2 with Android 13

  • PixysOS, an after-market firmware based on android open source project.
  • This firmware comes with a combination of simple, lightweight and minimalistic design.
  • It contains some of the best-handpicked features that can improve the styling and some tweaks that can extend your device performance and push limits of overall user experience to which the Android is accustomed to.
  • We aim to serve more devices with the regular updater.


Debloated and Clean
We have optimized the user experience to meet our user’s high expectations. We match your need for elegance while keeping the bloatwares away for an unmatched clutter free experience.
24/7 Device support
Our maintainers and moderators along with our ever expanding community provide support for all user queries. You can rest easy knowing that our community is there to assist you round the clock so you won’t be left out.
Consistent Updates
Pixys is always up-to-date with Android’s security patches and we ensure that every device stays updated with bug fixes and stability improvements on a weekly, Bi-weekly or monthly basis.OTA is here to avoid all your update hassles.
Essential customizations
We have cherry-picked a handful of features to quench your need to customize. All the essential customizations are not only present but well implemented and more features are planned to be rollout in the nearest future. At Pixys we say no to gimmicks and give you only the best.
Something new
While sticking to the original essence of what AOSP is we have polished all the rough edges. Get ready to experience a familiar and yet refreshing take on android and experience the layers of intricate details that has been put forth in making Pixys OS.
Uncompromised Stability
Each and every piece of software that goes out from team Pixys is constantly being reviewed and tested. A CI for builds minimizing the build time for maintainers and wait time for updates and enforcing the utmost stability of the OS.

Source Changelog:

PixysOS v6.2.2 Changelog:

  • April 2023 security patch
  • Removed aptX(HD) encoder shared libs
  • Enabled aptX(HD) offload
  • Disabled ZRAM writeback
  • Switched to Skia OpenGL UI renderer
  • Set swapiness to a lower value of 30
  • Removed unneeded NFC packages
  • Added toggle for QS battery estimates
  • Packageinstaller now shows app version info while updating
  • Added battery idle manager
  • Implemented burn-in protection for status bar and navbr
  • Enabled new qs media player output switcher and effects (like in a14 DP)
  • Improved QS header heights and colors
  • Fixed an issue where the device incorrectly displays charging when it’s not while dirty flashing over qpr1
  • Fixed signal icons in system icon packs
  • Improved keyguard charging info Also Features that were removed in QPR2 merge are back like:
    • VoLTE/VoWiFi status bar icons
    • HW keys customizations

PixysOS v6.2.1 Changelog:

  • March 2023 Security patch.
  • Initial Android 13 build.
  • Updated kernel to Teserract.
  • Added Lockscreen touch gestures.
  • Theme settings have been updated to allow for the selection of various monet styles, including a new monochromatic style from QPR2 beta.
  • The wallpaper picker now includes a new Quick Affordance feature that allows for customization of lockscreen shortcuts.
  • Option to select double tap for quick torch gesture.
  • Statusbar double tap to sleep gesture.
  • Developer options for pixel launcher have been enabled for those who want to enable forced icon themes.
  • Seperated ring volume and notification volume from QPR2 beta.

PixysOS v5.1.6 Changelog:

  • Merged October 2022 security patch
  • Added qti Bluetooth support
  • Allow forcing small keyguard clock
  • Lockscreen media art
  • Fixed Idle Manager
  • LocationTile: make it cycle modes
  • Allow devices to override audio panel location
  • Unblock the alarm and vibrate the status bar icons
  • Fix the net traffic view being white on QQS Header
  • Zygote: Enable USAP by default for S.
  • Fixed unlock animation
  • Allow suppressing notifications sound/vibration if the screen is ON
  • Less boring heads-up option
  • Update icon for Heads up tile.
  • Black theme
  • Add vibration patterns from OOS
  • Allow choosing a custom vibration pattern
  • Fixed incall vibration options
  • AppInfo: Add time spent in-app from Wellbeing
  • Updated pixysos logo and walls

Here are Some Download link For PixysOS:

Download PixysOS

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