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Download Evolution X Rom 7.5 with Android 13

  • Evolution X is similar to the Pixel Experience but with some added customization options.
  • Recently Evolution X ROM has been rolled out for Android 10, offering the latest Android features.
  • Known for its performance and stability, EvolutionX custom ROM for Android is quite popular and is also used in many gaming ROMs.
  • A custom ROM is able to handle graphics-oriented activities be it video or hardcore gaming experience.
  • Evolution X is a popular flashable custom ROM but offers lesser features than HavocOS ROM for Android.
  • Additionally, it provides frequent builds with monthly security patches.
  • Evolution X is among the most stable versions of custom Android ROMs on this list. The ROM has AOSP Gestures, consumes less battery, is neat, and lets the user take full control over the device.
  • Also, there was news that developers earlier removed some features that were slowing down the ROM.
  • But, after that, everything settled down well.
  • Evolution X is a flashable Custom ROM to bring a true Pixel to feel to your Android Device at first glance, with many additional configurations at your disposal. We aim to provide frequent builds with monthly security patches from the latest aosp sources!


  • Pixel goodies
  • Android S UI
  • Navbar Customization
  • HW keys customization
  • Status bar customization
  • Timely updates

Rom changes:

Evolution X v7.5:

  • Merge January 2023 security patches (13.0_r20)
  • PixelPropsUtils: Update fingerprints to January 2023 release
  • SystemUIGoogle: Update nga/assist lib (fix assistant swipe crash)
  • ThemePicker: Update PixelThemesStub from cheetah-user 13 TQ1A.230105.001.A2
  • Version: Update to 4.5
  • themes: fonts: Remove broken Antipasto Pro
  • vendor: CarrierSettings: Update from TQ1A.230105.002
  • vendor: apex: Update from TQ1A.230105.002
  • vendor: gapps: Update from TQ1A.230105.002
  • Launcher3: Add a preference to manually restart the launcher
  • Launcher3: Fix taskbar crash without QSB
  • Launcher3: Implement LocalColorExtractor using monet theme engine
  • Launcher3: Import bcsmartspace lib
  • Launcher3: LocalColorExtractor: Adapt for 12L changes
  • Launcher3: LocalColorExtractor: Disable local colors when using system presets
  • Launcher3: Move restart check to home page
  • Launcher3: Remove memory info view (unreliable)
  • Launcher3: bcsmartspace: Import translations
  • PixelPropsUtils: Use redfin props for extra packages
  • Settings: Bring back Quick Tap support
  • SystemUI: Revert to old Bluetooth QS tile
  • fixup! Improvements for dynamic VoLTE & VoWiFi icons
  • themes: fonts: Remove broken Antipasto Pro
  • vendor: Bring back and update SettingsGoogle/SystemUIGoogle to A13 QPR1
  • Bluetooth: legacy: Split header for hci legacy definitions
  • Build NfcNci for AOSP NFC
  • Launcher3: IconPalette: Don’t crash when the app gives us an invalid color
  • Launcher3: Set default app drawer opacity to 100%
  • Launcher3: Specify the component name to start the picker
  • ParallelSpace: Allow devices to overlay whitelist/blocklist apps
  • Add null pointer check to avoid system crash
  • KeyguardIndication: Fix glitchy charging info on lock screen and AOD
  • Send enhanced sco setup cmd only for wcn3990
  • Update translations
  • Add e2fsck/resize2fs/tune2fs to recovery/vendor_ramdisk
  • Avoid NetworkPolicyLogger NullPointException
  • Launcher3: Add GCam GO to default_workspace_4x5
  • Launcher3: Enable Lens toggle by default
  • Launcher3: Match dimens with Pixel Launcher
  • Launcher3: Move suggestions preference from misc to main menu
  • Launcher3: Refresh themed icons check via Build.TIME instead
  • Launcher3: Update activity for Aperture camera shortcut
  • Launcher3: Update default layouts from Pixel Launcher
  • Remove fs utilities from init_boot module list


    Here are Some Download link For Evolution X Rom:

    Download Evolution X Rom


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