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Evolution X with Android 12 For Mi A1 (Tissot)

Evolution X v6.0 Snow
Device: Mi A1(Tissot)
Maintainer: Joey Huab
Version: 12
Build date: 11-01-2022
File size: 1.2 GB

ROM changes:

Evolution X v6.0 Snow::

  • Initial Android 12 release
  • Add settings to toggle the phantom process monitoring in dev options
  • Address camera prop denials
  • Battery Styles: Fix landscape battery size
  • Battery Styles: Fix percentage view on landscape battery
  • Make QS brightness slider animation more subtle
  • PixelPropUtils: Add GamesProps
  • PixelPropUtils: Bail out early when required
  • PixelPropUtils: Consolidate google app checks
  • PixelPropUtils: Extend list of packages to keep
  • Settings: Allow toggling floating rotation button
  • SystemUI: Properly adapt new switches in screenrec dialog
  • SystemUI: fix black qqs on keyguard in light theme

Device changes:

  • Disable window rounded corner animations
  • Fix audio issues
  • Let kernel decide ZRAM Comp algorithm
  • Move qcamerasvr to main so it restarts on decryption
  • Remove FM Tuner from audio input devices
  • Remove schedulerservice from device compatibility matrix
  • Remove unnecessary iop service
  • Remove wcnss_filter and all references to it
  • Set config_sustainedPerformanceModeSupported
  • Upstream kernel to v4.9.295
  • XiaomiParts: rootdir: Update some values
  • audio: Add built-in/Back mic and remove TelePhony Rx from primary input
  • audio: Add new flag name to compress offload case
  • audio: Pull audio configs from daisy V11.0.21.0.QDLMIXM
  • audio: Remove surround recording support from audio policy config xml
  • init.qcom.rc: Remove vendor.sensors
  • init: Limit cpufreq rate via down-/up_rate_limit_us knobs
  • overlay: Configure SQLite to operate in MEMORY mode
  • overlay: Disable wallpaper zooming
  • overlay: Set globally accessible NTP server
  • power-libperfmgr: Import power HAL AIDL implementation
  • power: Enable idle_state mechanism
  • rootdir: Checkout zram configuration from LA.UM.9.6.2.c25-00800-89xx.0
  • rootdir: Enforce android-S new launch debugfs restrictions
  • rootdir: Remove racey printk setups
  • rootdir: add edgnss socket directory
  • rootdir: fix bad processing of the chown system command
  • sepolicy: Address camera denials
  • sepolicy: Address iorap denials
  • sepolicy: Address surfaceflinger denial
  • sepolicy: Allow init.qcom.power.rc to write schedboost
  • sepolicy: Fixup qcril rule
  • sepolicy: Remove redundant rules
  • sepolicy: address sensor denials
  • wifi: Pull wifi configs from daisy V11.0.21.0.QDLMIXM


  • Clean Flash Recommended.




  • All Testers and Developers.


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