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Download DerpFest Rom with Android 13

  • A little bit of history and what DerpFest do…
  • They started as a small project based on AOSiP for the Oneplus 5T back on Android 9.0. Then various users and maintainers got interested in supporting this project. Now we make efforts to cut the cord and stand on our own feet.
  • We try to be a platform for beginners and support the Custom ROM community with our own unique contributions as well. This ROM exists thanks to our base – AOSiP, Thank you!
  • Sharing is caring. That’s why the DerpFest source code is available on GitHub
  • DerpFest is always on the latest Android version – bringing you the latest features and security patches.
  • They support a wide range of devices
  • Their success wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our maintainers, testers, and users who enjoy using and testing this ROM.

Rom Changelog:

DerpFest 13 – Android 13 (Feb 2023 Build):

  • Merge February security patch (aka r30)
  • Switch to Lineage device settings for all devices
  • Complete HW key customizations
  • Move Parallel space to Apps category in aosp settings
  • Add more customization options to pulse edge light settings
  • Import new fonts from Bootleggers
  • Update Glide library used in some theming preferences in DerpSpace
  • Update smartspace to 13-QPR1
  • Allow disabling color inversion support for maintainers
  • Allow to set left volume panel and qs transparency defaults for maintainers
  • Add blur switch (affects qs and power menu)
  • Allow to disable blur support for maintainers
  • Add Google TV remote controls keyguard affordance
  • Allow disabling qs on secure lockscreen
  • Add icon shape option to themepicker
  • Add back app volume toggle
  • Add heads up switch to AOSP notification settings
  • Add pocket mode
  • Extend Sleep mode with extra dark, wake and alarm blocker
  • GameSpace: Remove dim layer from the panel view (as seen on OEMs)
  • DerpLauncher: Match dimens with Pixel Launcher
  • DerpLauncher: Allow widgets to have 1 row as minimum size
  • DerpLauncher: Port multiple work profile badge colors
  • DerpLauncher: Show work apps unless all work profiles are turned off
  • Translation import from Lineage
  • Automatic translation import for DerpSpace
  • Updated manual German translation
  • Sync Aperture with Lineage
  • Some more things maybe I can’t remember more

DerpFest 13 – Android 13 (January 2023 Build):

  • Merge January security patch (android-13.0.0_r23)
  • Add a panic trigger to Global actions
  • Add Advanced Monet settings from Yaap
  • Add back separate signal icons switch
  • Add back toggle for quick qs pull down
  • Add Colored statusbar icons switch
  • Add custom screen resolution setting for supported devices
  • Add haptic feedback to long press power button torch option
  • Add restart systemui shortcut to power menu
  • Add support for Lockscreen clock fonts (DerpSpace > Lockscreen UI)
  • Add Transparent QS customization
  • Allow setting bottom keyguard shortcuts
  • Allow to show Wi-Fi standard icon next to WiFi signal indicator
  • DerpLauncher: Adjust suggestions row vertical padding
  • DerpLauncher: Do not limit the number of search results
  • DerpLauncher: Fix glitch when closing apps from recents
  • DerpLauncher: Fix recents crash with parallel space
  • DerpLauncher: Fix taskbar crash without QSB
  • DerpLauncher: Implement hidden apps
  • DerpLauncher: Improve seekbar drawables
  • DerpLauncher: Keep hotseat bottom spacing for taskbar devices
  • DerpSpace: Improve seekbar drawables
  • device_config: Enable smart actions in the clipboard overlay
  • device_config: Force enable one-search bar on Pixel Launcher
  • device_config: Globally enable the new photo picker
  • device_config: Update AiAi configs for captions and translation
  • Don’t force small clock when media isn’t allowed on keyguard
  • Enable new qpr2 combined QS header layout
  • Enable new volume panel dialog
  • Fix battery graph disappearing when reaching 100%
  • Fix edge long swipe gesture
  • Fix glitchy charging info on AOD
  • Fix launch of permision revoke activity from playstore
  • Fix layout of old style mobile indicator
  • Fix power menu checkboxes not applying
  • Fix VoLTE/VoWifi not showing on sim2
  • Shorten auth ripple animation duration by 50% by default and make it overlayable for maintainers
  • Show the alarm icon in QS
  • Switch to Lineage impl for notification and battery light settings
  • Sync Aperture with Lineage
  • telephony: Use case insensitive check for plmn-spn to avoid showing “JIO-Jio” or “O2-o2” for example

DerpFest 13 – Android 13 (December 2022 Build):

  • Rebase on December security patch (android_13.0.0.r16)
  • Switch to Lineage button settings implementation
  • Add Android P style system animations switch
  • Apply QPR1 beta QS panel UI changes
  • Add system integrated app lock
  • Add power menu styles
  • Add screenshot QS tile
  • Add VPN tethering tile
  • Add hide apps feature
  • Fix auto hide clock
  • Add parallel space


Here are Some Download link For DerpFest Rom:

Download Derpfest Rom

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