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Download DerpFest Rom with Android 13

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  • A little bit of history and what DerpFest do…
  • They started as a small project based on AOSiP for the Oneplus 5T back on Android 9.0. Then various users and maintainers got interested in supporting this project. Now we make efforts to cut the cord and stand on our own feet.
  • We try to be a platform for beginners and support the Custom ROM community with our own unique contributions as well. This ROM exists thanks to our base – AOSiP, Thank you!
  • Sharing is caring. That’s why the DerpFest source code is available on GitHub
  • DerpFest is always on the latest Android version – bringing you the latest features and security patches.
  • They support a wide range of devices
  • Their success wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our maintainers, testers, and users who enjoy using and testing this ROM.

Rom Changelog:

DerpFest 13 – Android 13:

  • Introduce keyguard battery bar settings
  • Allow choosing a custom vibration pattern
  • Add support for clock auto-hiding
  • Add Wallpaper zooming switch
  • Add option to disable media player squiggle animation
  • Add DerpSpace QS tile
  • Add QS tile to show volume panel
  • LocationTile: Be affected by the secure tiles toggle
  • Enable Volume hush gesture settings
  • UdfpsResources: Add one piece udfps icons
  • Adjust default three-button navbar layouts
  • Update Pixel charger animation from Pixel 7 Pro
  • ThemePicker: Introduce font picker
  • WallpaperPicker: Fix overlapping when scrolling
  • DerpLauncher: Add support for enabling taskbar on phones
  • DerpLauncher: Open google weather on tapping smartspace
  • DerpLauncher: Do not limit the number of search results
  • Initial import of Face Unlock from StagOS
  • Pulse: Add Custom gravity options
  • Implement background process killer
  • Ambient Music Ticker – Allow to pulse on new tracks
  • Allow disabling clipboard overlay
  • Implement Bluetooth dialog
  • Make battery & clock clickable again in QS
  • Settings: Re-organize sound settings
  • DerpSpace: Use 0-100% values for Media art blur
  • DerpSpace: Move edge light to ambient ui category
  • DerpLauncher: Make google settings dependent on GSA/ASI and reload launcher when either of them are disabled/enabled
  • Aperture: Sync with Lineage


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