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Download DerpFest 12 Rom

  • A little bit of history and what DerpFest do…
  • They started as a small project based on AOSiP for the Oneplus 5T back on Android 9.0. Then various users and maintainers got interested in supporting this project. Now we make efforts to cut the cord and stand on our own feet.
  • We try to be a platform for beginners and support the Custom ROM community with our own unique contributions as well. This ROM exists thanks to our base – AOSiP, Thank you!
  • Sharing is caring. That’s why the DerpFest source code is available on Github
  • DerpFest is always on the latest Android version – bringing you the latest features and security patches.
  • They support a wide range of devices
  • Their success wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our maintainers, testers and users who enjoy using and testing this ROM.

Rom Changelog:

DerpFest 12 – Android 12:

  • Merged December security patch
  • Merge tag ‘android-12.0.0_r18’
  • Back to old media artwork implementation (fixes set the separate wall on home and lock screen)
  • Lockscreen no blur option: Fix SysUI FC
  • Remove QS clock style picker
  • Bring back FOD icons and animations
  • Removed Screen-off FOD toggle
  • Add Battery Landscape options to battery styles
  • Add Left Battery Text option
  • Refactor how we display the VoLTE/VoWiFi icons
  • QuickStatusBarHeader: Tap the battery icon to open battery settings
  • DisplayModeDirector: Make sure we apply refresh rate on startup
  • Kanged privacy indicator improvement from Radiant (Recolored and resized, now indicators are smaller when there’s only one sensor (i.e camera or mic) being used and larger when both are being used)
  • Expose system icon area weight
  • Make LiveDisplay optional for maintainers
  • Settings: Add support to open device maintainer’s telegram
  • Add Inter font from derp 11
  • Add Linotte and Manrope v4.504 fonts from Yaap
  • Expose Custom fonts to more places
  • Add missing target suffix for some of our fonts
  • Switch to GrapheneOS blue color palette for Material You
  • Ambient Music Ticker: Allow to pulse on new tracks
  • Fixes for Custom lock screen shortcuts
  • Add DerpSpace QS tile
  • Add Language toggle QS tile
  • Add keyguard battery bar in aod on charging option
  • Add Ambient Display battery toggle
  • Add notification counters switch
  • Add navigation bar visibility control
  • Add navbar layout options
  • Add arrow keys while typing switch
  • Settings: Add changelog to about phone
  • Settings: Make dashboard icons monetable
  • Settings: Randomize DerpSpace’s summary
  • Settings: Fix up panel theme and layout
  • Settings: Drop custom preferenceFragmentCompatStyle
  • ProgressCategory: update title style for consistency
  • Settings: use framework text colors for SwitchBar
  • SettingsProvider: Fix crash caused by missing permission
  • Settings: Address a memory leak
  • A lot of improvements and new features for GameSpace
  • DerpSpace: Show the summary for flash on call
  • Extend Google SmartSpace to show on DerpLauncher home screen
  • DerpLauncher: Quickspace: Update layout specification
  • DerpLauncher: Fix crash on notification icon contrast calculation
  • DerpLauncher: IconPlatte: Don’t crash when the app gives us an invalid color
  • Add Italian translations


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