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Download Bliss ROM 16.5 with Android 13

  • Bliss ROM is another popular ROM based on open-source Android.
  • The OS is smooth, secure, and has a lot of customization options.
  • The custom ROM can run on any number of devices without any technical issues. So, a ROM is worth considering.
  • An Open Source OS, based on Android, that incorporates many customization options and added security features.
  • One of our main focuses is to provide a quality ROM/OS that can run on all your devices, preserving customizations and options by syncing across all platforms.
  • We try to include all the features you can imagine, for just about any situation.
  • Bliss comes in a few variants.
  • On top of our traditional device builds of Bliss ROM, our GSI/Treble builds will work on most treble compatible devices (Android Pie+ and above )
  • Bliss is a non-profit project that follows in the footsteps of LineageOS.
  • Like Lineage, Bliss creates an entirely new Android-based operating system for your device, similar to a Linux distribution.
  • Bliss tries to support as many devices as they can, and they’re working to provide tools for individuals to extend support.
  • The Bliss developers are constantly working to provide the latest releases of Android, quickly updating as soon as a new version or new enhancements are available.
  • Because Bliss is its own spin on Android, it has a distinct look and feels to set it apart.
  • Bliss has a unique icon theme and a focus on clean design.
  • In addition to design, Bliss also aims to improve both performance and security over standard Android releases.


  • Focus on design
  • Customized settings
  • Performance
  • Battery-friendly
  • Added Security
  • Compatibility


  • Excellent interface.
  • Fast updates to new Android versions.
  • Performance and security improvements built-in.


  • Doesn’t have a long history.
  • More limited device support.

Bliss Rom 16.5 Changelog:

  • Merged February Security Patches
  • Bringing Back A11 QS Style with transparency and icon customizations
  • Introduction of Aperture Camera as default
  • Inclusion of dynamic VoLTE and VoWiFi icons
  • Parallel Space Improvements
  • Inclusion Of Launcher3 Taskbar completely and other changes
  • Introduction of LockScreen Media Art Blur and filters
  • Introduction of App Lock
  • Bringing back data disabled icon toggles and other statusbar tweaks
  • Update APNs for some telecos
  • Redesign the Recents view Style along with task locks to recents.
  • Misc Improvements and Fixes

Bliss Rom 16.4 Changelog:

  • Merged February Security Patches
  • Added new AboutBliss App
  • Added Bromite browser for Vanilla builds
  • Updated PixelPropsUtils to make SafetyNet work again
  • Bringing Back A11 QS Style with transparency and icon customizations
  • Selection of using Cloudflare DNS
  • Inclusion Of Launcher3 Taskbar and other changes
  • Introduction of LockScreen Media Art
  • Added Monet Theme customization
  • Updated Clock, Dialer, Contacts, and Messaging apps for Vanilla
  • The addition of Etar, and YetCalc to Vanilla builds
  • New and more UDFPS icons are being added
  • Added Bliss UDFPS icon
  • Redesign the Recents view Style
  • Misc Improvements and Fixes

Bliss Rom16.3 Changelog:

  • Merged January Security Patches
  • Entire rebase from Dec Patches
  • Added Face Unlock support
  • Inclusion Of Launcher3 in both Gapps and vanilla builds
  • Hidden Apps Feature
  • Per-app Volume
  • Left Volume Panel
  • Addition of Pitch Black Theme
  • Pulse Options in LS and Ambient/AOD panels
  • Ditch the panda style QS for pure light mode
  • Google Photos Unlimited by default
  • Misc Improvements and Fixes

Bliss Rom 16.2 Changelog:

  • Added Face Unlock support
  • Added more fonts to the option to change Lockscreen Date and Widget Fonts
  • Addition of reTicker
  • StatusBar/QS Logo Additions of your choice
  • Allow to customize StatusBar Padding in devices with notches and Hole Punches
  • Addition of Edge Lighting
  • Game Space Additions
  • Battery Bar support
  • Redesign Refresh Rate Section
  • Option to unlink between ringer and Notification Sounds
  • Addition of Increasing Ring feature
  • Quick Unlock on PIN/Passwords
  • Pocket Mode support
  • Adaptive PlayBack
  • Force close app via Notification Guts
  • Rotation customization
  • Optimizations done to the Contacts and Messaging apps
  • Misc Improvements and Fixes


Here is Download link For Bliss Rom:

Download Bliss Rom

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