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Download Pixel Experience 13 Rom

  • Pixel Experience Rom is stable and secure and is preferred by millions around the world.
  • Also, developers are constantly working on this to fix bugs and provide a better user experience to the user.
  • So, if you are a fan of Pixel skin, then Pixel Experience ROM is worth the shot.
  • The main motive of custom ROMs for Android is to offer an entirely new user experience while using the same device.
  • Pixel Experience is one such custom ROM that lets you change the look and feel of the device.
  • The aim of Pixel Experience is to offer fantastic ROM along with a stable and secure experience rather than focusing on the core personalization.
  • It supports a list of devices from Xiaomi to Asus to Samsung and what not. Moreover, it brings Pixel features on a range of devices like the latest Google Assistant.
  • Ever wish you could get all the latest features from the Google Pixel phones without having to pay up for this year’s new Pixel? Well, the Pixel Experience ROM has you covered.
  • Pixel Experience aims to replicate the exact version of Android that you’d get with a brand new Pixel from Google.
  • Pixel Experience is essentially stock Android, at its core.
  • They try to keep it as vanilla as possible to replicate the unmodified Android Open Source Project release from Google.
  • Then, they add in all the extras that come exclusively to Pixel devices on top of that. The result is something that looks and feels a lot like a Google Pixel phone, on your device.
  • The main downside of the Pixel Experience ROM is its limited support. There aren’t many phones that they cover officially.
  • Unofficially, you’ll find Pixel Experience builds all over the XDA forums, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to turn whichever phone you have into a Pixel.
  • Pixel Experience, as the name suggests, offers a skin similar to Pixel devices and is available for a wide range of devices such as Xiaomi, Realme, Samsung, Asus, and others.
  • It also offers tons of features such as built-in GCam support, Google Assistant, Pixel wallpapers, icons, fonts, boot animation, and much more.


September 2023 Build:

  • September security patch
  • Minor issues fixed
  • Android 14 coming Oct month

August 2023 Build:

  • August Security Patch
  • Pixel Launcher/ASI drain fixes

July 2023 Build:

  • July security patch
  • Source rebeased
  • Updated translations
  • Updated Google Apps
  • Performance and under the hood improvements

May 2023 Build:

  • May security patch
  • Updated translations
  • Updated Google Apps
  • Minor issues fixed

April 2023 Build:

  • April security patch
  • Updated translations
  • Optimizations on battery usage of Pixel Launcher
  • Minor issues fixed

March 2023 Build:

  • Source rebased with March security patch
  • Updated GApps
  • Updated translations
  • Minor fixes

January 2023 Build:

  • January and December (2022) security patch
  • Google Apps updated
  • Fixed battery drain and lag spike caused by Pixel Launcher (Need to uninstall previous updates of Android System Intelligence or do a clean flash if the issue persists)
  • Minor issues fixed

November 2022 Build:

  • Initial Android 13 Stable release
  • Initial Android 13 Plus Edition builds
  • Official devices applications are reopened
  • Face Unlock is back
  • Updated translations

Here are Some Download link For Pixel Experience:


Download Pixel Experience Rom

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