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Evolution X with Android 12 For Mi 10 Pro (Cmi)

Evolution X v6.0 Snow | OFFICIAL
Device: Mi 10 Pro (cmi)
by yarpiin
Version: Twelve
Build date: 23-01-2022
File size: 2.13 GB


  • Initial Android 12 release
  • Evolver: allow toggling location privacy indicator
  • Evolver: Port brightness slider changes
  • Settings: Bring back ColorBucket
  • Settings: DarkMode: Improve DarkMode/ColorBucket handling
  • SystemUI: allow devices to override audio panel location
  • graphics: Override system fonts with user-selected overlays
  • libs: PipTaskOrganizer: do not start to fade out animation for pip if surface control leash is null
  • services: WindowOrientationListener: bail out if rotation resolver service instance is null

Device Changelog:

  • umi/cmi: Enable UDFPS Animations
  • Revert “sm8250-common: Build PowerStats”
  • sm8250-common: introduce battery-friendly-pocketmode
  • sm8250-common: Set correct manufacter prop
  • sm8250-common: props: Disable NR when LTE is selected
  • sm8250-common: disable pocketlock
  • sm8250-common: decouple Interactive and AutoSuspend from display
  • sm8250-common: Enable support for IEEE80211AX.
  • sm8250-common: Enable support for IEEE80211AC.
  • sm8250-common: Enable automatic channel selection.
  • sm8250-common: drop Ignore Neverallows
  • sm8250-common: sepolicy: Label ro.fota.oem and ro.product.marketname property
  • sm8250-common: sepolicy: Define some missing nodes
  • sm8250-common: sepolicy: Allow zram to read


  • Clean flash is recommended
  • update your firmware to 12.5.10




  • All Developers and Testers.

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