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Wave OS with Android 11 For Redmi Note 7 Pro Violet

Wave OS v4.3 | Rasmalai
Android: 11 (R)
Updated: 23.04.21
By: @raghavt20


Source Side:

OOS-inspired UI:
  • Accent color
  • OnePlus Slate and Sans fonts
  • SystemUI and core icons
  • Launcher widget
  • Notifications clear all button
  • QS tiles layout
  • Wifi/mobile data usage under QS
  • Brightness slider
  • Small oreo-like data type icon
  • Traffic indicator for wifi and mobile data
  • Network speed indicator on statusbar
  • VoLTE/VoWiFi multi-sim icon
  • Refreshed and clean settings UI
  • Pocket mode dialog UI
  • Better looking gesture pill
  • and some goodies here n there like cherry on the cake
CAF functionality improvements/enhancements:
  • Bluetooth A2DP hardware offload
  • Audio policy extensions
  • Camera extensions
  • Telephony framework
  • Individual sim toggle (for dualsim devices)
  • WiFi display/miracast
  • Hardware accelerated screen recording
  • NQ NFC support (for nfc supported devices)
  • Power off alarm in inbuilt clock app
  • Touch response optimizations
  • LMKD and scudo optimizations
  • Performance improvements & fixes throughout the system
  • April security patch (android-11.0.0_r34)
  • Official builds signed with our own private release keys
  • Accent color, font, icon shape, icon pack, customization
  • Custom lockscreen clocks and launcher grid sizes
  • Sexy in-house WaveOS wallpapers included
  • Black dark theme
  • Statusbar icons tuner
  • Face unlock
  • App locker
  • Pocket mode
  • Expandable volume panel
  • Lockscreen smartspace
  • Immersive navigation
  • 3 finger swipe to screenshot
  • Cycle through ringer modes
  • Adaptive playback
  • Long press power button to toggle flashlight
  • Long press volume button to skip track
  • Press power button to unlock fingerprint (side fp devices)
  • Refresh rate (min/max/powersave) options for supported devices
  • Advanced reboot (recovery/bootloader/system)
  • Horizon light aka pulse
  • Battery light toggle for charging and low battery
  • Scrolling screenshot (asus stitchimage)
  • Battery icon styles (circle/bar/hidden)
  • QS quick pulldown
  • QS media player allowed apps setting
  • In-call vibration options
  • Gesture navigation back swipe dead zone
  • Navigation bar invert back and recents button
  • Disable notification sound when sreen on
  • Bunch of useful QS tiles in addition to AOSP ones:
  • Caffeine
  • Data Switch
  • Reading Mode
  • HeadsUp (peek notifications)
  • USB tethering
  • Screenshot (partial/full)
  • Sound (ringer modes)
  • Reboot (system/recovery)
  • Headphones Buddy
  • Lockscreen media art and blur level controls
  • Clear all and share button on recent
  • App suggestions and icon pack support in launcher
  • Improved statusbar pulldown blur
  • Added blur to launcher drawer and power menu
  • Double tap to sleep on statusbar, launcher, lockscreen
  • Finer control over font size
  • Mini panels for wifi, bluetooth, NFC
  • Per-app network restrictions
  • Allow hotspot/tethering to use VPN (toggleable)
  • Additional charging info on lockscreen
  • Statusbar bluetooth battery level
  • NFC tile for devices with nfc
  • Multi SIM ringtone setting
  • Screen recorder stop dot and low quality options
  • Statusbar burn-in protection (for supported devices)
  • Bring back 2 button navigation from pie
  • Delete button for screenshots
  • Screenshot sound adapted to ringer mode (normal/silent/vibrate)
  • Disable fingerprint vibration in silent mode
  • Show 3 QS columns when media player is inactive
  • Faster fingerprint wakeup
  • Pixel offline charging animation (for supported devices)
  • Pixel sounds (effects, ringtones, notifications, alarm)
  • Enabled iorap and zygote preforking (for faster app launch)
  • One click to add/remove QS tiles
  • Camera and assistant shortcut on lockscreen
  • Hacks to bypass safetynet and root detection
  • Few pixel features like assist disclosure, live captions
  • Google Play mainline system updates (on supported devices)
  • Switched to clang 13 with polly and O3 (system-wide performance boost)
  • Enabled ThinLTO for various system components
  • Reduced debugging overhead through the system
  • Cached app freezer to save power (on supported devices)
  • Dex-speed-preopt all apps for better performance
  • Optimizations and fixes from AOSPA, ProtonAOSP & upstream AOSP master
  • Included Simple Gallery and Via Browser
  • Something else which we might’ve missed 😀

Device Side:

  • Fixed Sdfat
  • Fixed Mic issue on wired earphones in some apps
  • Fixed echo in voip calls
  • Fixed 24bit audio
  • Fixed incall volume control on wired earphones
  • Fixed heating issue on charge
  • Other Misc Improvements



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