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ShapeShift OS with Android 11 For Redmi Note 7 Pro (Violet)

Shapeshift OS v2.5 | Grovyle
Android: 11 (R)
Updated: 23.04.21
By: @galanteria01


Source Side:

Shapeshift OS Version 2.5-Grovyle

  • April security patch
  • import oos volume bar icons
  • add lineage powerhal to custom interfaces
  • update gapps package
  • a new default wallpaper
  • add back shapeshift walls with new ones for 11
  • add extreme battery saver
  • small changes to settings intelligence UI
  • add dynamic volte/vowifi icons
  • improve refresh rate switching
  • add time spent in app from wellbeing to app info page
  • redesign recent buttons
  • improve alert slider dialog animations
  • use md2 icons for gaming mode
  • new shapeshift clock
  • increase scrim to 90% in launcher light theme
  • show temperature in battery info page
  • add animation to battery header in battery info page
  • add per-app sensor blocking
  • add fps info tile
  • add Bluetooth and wifi timeout features
  • add support for global cleartext penalties
  • fix battery per cent flickering in status bar
  • add back black qs header

Device Side:

  • Updates fp to April redfin
  • Fixed Dirac
  • Removed fluence
  • Reduced volume steps



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  • @dasshubham762 (for tree)
  • @athuld (for Violet parts)
  • @karthik (for Kernel)
  • @SlasherXD (for post gif)
  • @iamvrk (for testing)

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