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Wave OS with Android 11 For Realme 3 Pro/X Lite (RMX1851)

Wave OS v4.3
Android: 11 (R)
Updated: 06.04.21
By: @iamsj7 | @supratimdey


Source Side:

Version 4.3

  • Merged March and April 2021 security patch (android-11.0.0_r34)
  • Fresh new WaveOS wallpapers! (Thanks to Emma, Glitch, Amartya and WSTxda)
  • Switched to AOSP theme picker for customization
  • Added various lock screen clocks and launcher grids
  • Added App Lock from AOSPA with improvements
  • Added pocket mode with revamped OOS-like UI
  • Added navbar layout inversion toggle
  • Added in-call vibration options
  • Added toggle to disable notification sound if screen is on
  • Added QS media player allowed apps setting
  • Added gestures back swipe dead zone setting
  • Added missing gesture and battery animations in settings
  • Added min/max/power save refresh rate settings for supported devices
  • Added toggle for fingerprint unlock on power button press (inside-mounted devices)
  • Revamped display settings and few settings icons
  • Separated toggle for charging and low battery LED light
  • Show wifi usage on QS when wifi connected
  • Updated prebuilt apps (via browser, simple gallery)
  • Updated inbuilt gapps to March 2021 (11_202103)
  • Updated SQLite to latest version
  • Updated LMKD and scudo (memory allocator) from CAF
  • Added a big bunch of new accent colours
  • Switched to new icon pack implementation in launcher
  • Fixed crash with lower font size
  • Fixed and improved lock screen charging info
  • Added bolt while charging in hidden battery style
  • Fixed few issues with vowifi icon
  • Improved partial screenshots
  • Various improvements to FOD from LineageOS
  • Fixed few status bar icon margins and sizes
  • Improved scrolling smoothness/responsiveness
  • Burn-in protection on status/navbar for supported devices
  • Google Play mainline system updates on supported devices
  • Toast for screenshot deletion
  • Notification for screenshot saved
  • Reduced debugging overhead across framework and runtime
  • Enabled ThinLTO and -O3 optimization for various system components
  • Clear-all button UI and UX improvements
  • Disable fingerprint vibrations in silent mode
  • Disabled screen-on animation on wakeup
  • Updated pixel ringtones/alarms/notifs/effects from Pixel 5
  • Improved pixel offline charging animation
  • Enable IORap (IO prefetching) for faster app launch
  • ZLib performance improvements from chromium-master
  • Dex-speed-preopt all apps for better performance
  • Enabled cached app freezer on supported devices
  • Updated CAF telephony to LA.QSSI.11.0.r1-11100-qssi.0 (on supported devices)
  • Performance improvements and optimizations from AOSP master, ProtonAOSP and CAF
  • Misc bug fixes and stability improvements

Device Side:

  • Moved to pixel power hal
  • added libperfmngr
  • updated power hint
  • sched tunings
  • updated cpuset values from bonito
  • many Misc changes


  • SELinux status: Enforcing
  • SafetyNet: passes without root
  • Clean Flash Recommended



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