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Corvus OS with Android 13 For Realme 5 Pro/Q (RMX1971)

Corvus OS vT5.0 | El-Dorado | Official | Android 13
Build Date: 24-09-2022
Device: Realme 5 Pro | RMX1971
Maintainer: KSSRAO


Source Side:

Corvus OS v5.0 El-Dorado | Changelogs

  • Initial Android 13 Build
  • Brought back the Corvus UI and versioning from A12
  • Option for changing Refresh Rate
  • Toggle for Proximity wake
  • Added Sound, Compass, Data Switch, CPU info, FPS info, VPN, NFC, AOD, USB tether, AmbientDisplay, Sync, Heads-up QS Tiles
  • Added support to manually pause/resume downloads
  • Toggle for Advanced Reboot
  • Added 3-finger screenshot
  • Added support for one-shot auto-brightness
  • Added switch for linked ring and media notification volumes
  • Options for Cloudflare, Adguard DNS
  • Added Mobile Data and Bluetooth panels
  • Toggle for ADB root
  • Added increasing ring feature
  • Added option to launch status bar tuner
  • Added missing gestures and battery animations
  • Toggle for allowing to suppress notifications sound/vibration if the screen is on
  • Incall vibration options
  • Toggle for disabling screenshot sound
  • Added toggle for 3-button navbar inversion
  • Added Long press power button to toggle the torch
  • Toggle for changing the length of the gesture navbar
  • Option to set gestures back swipe deadzone
  • Toggle for Optional haptic feedback on back gesture
  • Added option to cycle through ringer modes
  • Toggle for Double tap to sleep on Statusbar and Lockscreen
  • Toggle for Double tap to trigger Doze
  • Option for 4G icon instead LTE
  • Added pref for qs brightness slider position
  • Option to hide auto brightness toggle
  • Added pocket lock toggle

Device Changelog:

  • Initial A13 release
  • CTS passes by default
  • Selinux is Enforcing
  • Build is encrypted (FBE Enabled, so ofox 12.1 recoveries or PE recovery recommended )
  • BT Media and calling working fine
  • No known issues, if u find any, report with proper logs
  • Clean flashing is Must, even if you are using Corvus A12L
  • Since its the initial A13 release some customization tabs are empty, don’t report it as bugs.


  • Clean Flash Recommended.




  • For Testers and Developers.


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