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Corvus OS with Android 13 For Realme 5 Pro/Q (RMX1971)

Corvus OS vT5.1 | Official | Android 13
Build Date: 11-11-2022
Device: Realme 5 Pro | RMX1971
Maintainer: KSSRAO


Corvus OS v5.1 DejaVu | Changelogs


  • Merged android-13.0.0_r11 security patch
  • Redesigned RavenWalls
  • Bring back PixelProps
  • Bring in system stability fixes


  • Launcher: Redesigned Raven Launcher settings [NEW]
  • Launcher: Added hotseat searchbar
  • Launcher: Added DT2S on home screen
  • Launcher: Remove extra bottom space in hotseat
  • Launcher: Added extra grid sizes
  • Launcher: Added back swipe left for google feed
  • Launcher: Added ability to enable themed icons
  • Launcher: Added ability to toggle bottom searchbar
  • Launcher: Added ability to toggle app labels
  • Launcher: Add toggle for recents view memory usage
  • Launcher: Redesign memory view in recents
  • Launcher: Redesign recents action buttons
  • Launcher: Add uninstall to system shortcuts
  • Launcher: Add toggle for taskbar
  • Launcher: Added ability to change Icon Pack
  • Launcher: Added ability to adjust app drawer and recents background opacity
  • Launcher: Added ability to adjust icon & text sizes
  • Launcher: Added ability to set app drawer row height
  • Launcher: Add bottom sheet shortcut


  • QuickSettings: Added our Data usage panel
  • QuickSettings: Added hotspot toggle to internet dialog
  • QuickSettings: Added new Bluetooth dialog box
  • QuickSettings: Added ability to change QQS Brightness slider position
  • QuickSettings: Added kill app shortcut in notifications long press
  • QuickSettings: Adjust QS clock size and hide
  • QuickSettings: Added click action to clock, date and battery
  • Statusbar: Added ability to disable data disabled indicator
  • Statusbar: toggle colored statusbar icons
  • Statubar: Clock customisations
  • Statubar: display notification count badge
  • Lockscreen: Added bottom shortcut customisation
  • Lockscreen: Media art customisation
  • Lockscreen: Redesign lockscreen bottom shortcuts
  • Lockscreen: Added FaceUnlock
  • Added systemUI restart to power menu
  • Added ability to hide navbar pill
  • Added ability to hide keyboard IME space
  • Added ability to switch volume panel location
  • Added ability to control brightness through volume panel
  • Added back reTicker
  • Added back reTicker style and new Animation


  • Settings: Re-designed Category titles
  • Settings: Added shortcut to battery optimisation paage
  • Settings: Added back our battery usage bar design
  • Settings: Enabled developer options by default
  • Settings: Removed user avatar control from google
  • Redesigned Settings Layout [NEW]


  • Added monet customization
  • ThemePicker: Added ability to change system fonts
  • ThemePicker: Added ability to change icon packs
  • ThemePicker: Added Pixel monet pallete picker
  • Design and alignment fixes to ThemePicker
  • Added ability to toggle Pitch black under dark theme

Device Changelog:

  • Fixed issue with in-call volume not changing
  • Added feature to show app Memory usage detail in app info
  • Nuked deprecated legacy ril codes
  • Optimized for kryo385
  • Tuned bmps listening interval to achieve power savings during wifi idle
  • Extended buffer size for offload playback to reduce cpu wake up
  • Used QCOM implementation for audio effects
  • Optimized the shutdown time
  • Dropped deprecated vp8-vp9 media codecs
  • Reduced number of CPUs for system-background apps to reduce cpu workload
  • Enabled UXE for performance improvement
  • Disabled TDLS offchannel in wifi
  • Nuked test apps installation
  • Switched to AVC 3.1 for screen recording
  • Upstreamed Kharame kernel to latest 4.9.332
  • Miscellaneous other changes to make rom smoother and better


  • Clean Flash Recommended.




  • For Testers and Developers.


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