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Octavi OS with Android 11 For Redmi Note 6 Pro (Tulip)

Octavi OS Official Android 11

  • Device: Redmi Note 6 Pro (tulip)
  • Octavi OS Version : 2.4
  • Maintainer : @wayneegds
  • Build Type : Gapps
  • Build Date: 08 May 2021


Source Side:

Octavi OS v2.4 Changelog Dated : 07/05/2021

  • Merged May Security patch
  • Launcher3: Icon pack sizes
  • Launcher3: Removed bottom hotseat padding
  • Asus screenshot: Updated app.
  • Asus screenshot: Removed some Google components
  • Asus screenshot: Screenshot options use accents
  • Tapping QS battery opens battery settings
  • New machine learning back gestures for gamers
  • Fixes for custom clocks
  • Ambient music animation
  • Optional coloured sb icons
  • Options coloured notification icons
  • Nuked fod background (not needed with icon picker)
  • Keep used screen record settings
  • Optional QS media player as notification
  • Whitelist apps for persistent QS media player
  • Address some bugs on bt, biometric unlock and camera
  • Allow non-market apps installation by default
  • Added the ability to whitelist apps for persistent QS media player
  • Introduced a new type of icons in the settings page to chose from (MIUI)
  • Fixed name getting too big
  • Fixed qs clock fading away on dark bg
  • Redesigned OctaviLab and Rearranged OctaviLab
  • Redesigned battery page meter
  • Added IDE Clock and java IDE Clock

Device Side:

  • Default Oneplus Launcher (thanks to Mr Sluffy)
  • Mystic Kernel upstreamed to 4.4.268
  • Compiled using proton clang
  • Redfin fp update to May
  • Source sync


  • Clean flash recommended.



  • @tesla59, @dasshubham762 (For trees and kernel)
  • @c_g_0204 (For suggesting GCAM)

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