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Pixel Extended with Android 12 For Redmi Note 7 Pro (Violet)

Pixel Extended v4.0 Snow House
Android: 12 (S)
Updated: 03-Jan-2022
By: @Thunder105

Source Changelog:

Pixel Extended v4.0 Snow House!

  • December Security Patch
  • Removed default aspect ratio limit for old apps
  • Developer/USB notification improvements
  • Allow adjusting screen density to smaller sizes
  • Enabled LTE+ icon
  • Added VoLTE icon toogle
  • 4G icon toogle
  • In Call Vibrations
  • QS touch haptic feedback
  • Add QS tiles with One click
  • Added DT2W/DT2S toogles
  • Added Advance Reboot
  • Added SystemUI Tuner
  • Added Delete Action to ScreenShot
  • Adapted ScreenShot Sound to ringer modes
  • Reduces ScreenShot Delay to 2ms
  • Enabled Light QS theme
  • Added Alert Slider UI
  • Updated 4G+/LTE+ icons to silk desgin
  • Added Haptic feedback to tiles
  • Adapted Power Menu to System Theme style
  • Add three-fingers-swipe to screenshot
  • Allow to suppress notifications sound/vibration if screen is ON
  • Add back the delete action for the screen recorder notification
  • Ability to show Bluetooth battery level
  • Forward port lockscreen quick unlock
  • Forward port CM security settings
  • Volume Rocker wake and music control
  • Lockscreen charging toogle
  • Battery and clock customisations
  • Screenrecord Improvments
  • Added Double tap to wake on doze gesture
  • Added Reset battery stats
  • Added Lockscreen media art toogle and blur option
  • Ability to Show icon of package associated with Toast
  • Added wake on plug toogle
  • Ability to pull down QS with one finger
  • Power Off Screen Torch
  • Added Brightness Slider Customisation
  • Redesigned Seekbar
  • Added Combined Signal icons toogle
  • Added Clock & date QS actions
  • Added SystemUI reboot option
  • Allow Hiding Nav Bar Gesture
  • Added unlinked ringtone and notification volumes
  • Expose camera, location and microphone icons to Tuner
  • Ability to Open Running Services on Long Press Setting button and dedicated snow house button on QS
  • Spoofed Google Photos, PUBG and COD in PPU
  • Added moar Themed Icons
  • Enabled NFC tile
  • Brought back wifi and cell tiles
  • Added Sync, Caffeine, data switch and sound search tiles
  • Added Pocket Lock

Device Side:

  • Initial A12 build
  • SElinux is Enforcing
  • Shipped to RyZeN Kernel
  • Added Gcam go as default cam
  • cts passes by default


  • Rom is encrypted by default: You can be decrypted by flashing disable force encryption v3 after flashing the ROM
  • Clean Flash Recommended.




  • All Testers and Developers.

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