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Download Pixel Extended Rom 5.10 with Android 13

  • They started as a small project (Fan-Edition) based on PE for the Xiaomi Mi A2 on Android 10.
  • Then various users and maintainers got interested in supporting this project. Now, We are trying to give you the best pixel experience by adding some necessary practical features you always wanted in PE.
  • This ROM entirely exists on PE, Thanks to them!
  • Pixel Extended ROM (or PEX for short), We are Combining Pixel Goodies with some essential features you were missing in Pixel Experience, delivering a ROM that promises you stability and is feature-rich at the same time.
  • TBH this ROM will keep its Pixel’ idea intact and won’t be bloated with unwanted features.
  • Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential and useful features for the proper functioning of the device based on Android 11 (R)/ 12(S).

Source Changelog:

Pixel Extended v5.10 (14.08.2023):

  • Merged August Security Patches
  • Pixel Launcher/ASI drain fixes
  • Last A13 update!
  • Other small improvements

Pixel Extended v5.9 (20.07.2023):

  • Merged July Security Patches
  • The source rebased again
  • Added Hide IME space feature
  • Restored Qs are Allways Black
  • Other small improvements

Pixel Extended v5.8 (06.05.2023):

  • Merged May Security Patches
  • Added double tap to sleep in lock screen
  • Added toggle for wake on plug
  • Other small improvements

Pixel Extended v5.7 (19.04.2023):

  • Merged April Security Patches
  • Major source rebase , excluding few features that was redundant in terms of stability
  • Added Pixel Theming
  • We are now following the Light/Dark theme on QS
  • Enabled Screenshot for restricted apps
  • Added App Lock
  • Cleanup and Features alignments inside PeXtension
  • Enabled CLO Framework boost
  • Added Multiple OEM cam port support
  • Added SystemUI restart button to cop-up with Pixel Theming
  • Added a shimmer Effect in QS media player
  • Added Dynamic Volte Icon
  • Added WiFi Standard icon
  • Major Improvements for smoothness and stability

Pixel Extended v5.6 (28.03.2023):

  • Yes, another full ROM rebase
  • March patches merged
  • Add Privacy indicators toogle
  • Show daily data usage in QS footer
  • Add inverse navbar layout customization
  • Add Misc category in system
  • Pextension: Re-added varius language translation
  • Disable UDFPS setting if not supported
  • Add Reset battery stats
  • Add some improvement for Screenrecord
  • Enable QR scanner shortcut in lock screen
  • Add toggle to switch between AOSP/Google battery graphs
  • Other small improvements

Pixel Extended v5.5 (19.02.2023):

  • February patch
  • Safetynet fixed and pass by default
  • QS tiles layout customizations
  • QS vertical layout & hide label settings
  • Implement full screen cutout force
  • Switch to Stagbin for posting error logs

Pixel Extended v5.4 (10.01.2023):

  • Total Source Rebase
  • January patches
  • Reticker
  • Wi-Fi auto turn off
  • Bluetooth auto turn off
  • Introduce refresh rate tile
  • Nuke for now Volte & VoWifi Icons

Pixel Extended v5.3 (28.12.2022):

  • OTA
  • Pocket Mode
  • Reverse wireless charging
  • Colored status bar icons
  • Game space
  • Qs always black

Pixel Extended v5.2 (25.11.2022) Rain Month:

  • November Security Patch
  • Full ROM Rebased on latest PE+
  • Black Theme
  • Live Display
  • Face Unlock
  • Clock Customizations
  • Brightness Sliding Control
  • Brightness Slider Position
  • Brightness Slider in QQS
  • UDFPS Animation
  • UDFPS Icon Picker
  • UDFPS Custom Icon
  • Fixed Screen Off UDFPS
  • Per-app Volume Control
  • Reorganized Gestures Settings in PEXtension
  • Reorganized Button Settings in PEXtension

Pixel Extended v5.1 (24.10.2022) Leaves Month:

  • October Security Patch
  • Full Screen Gesture
  • Battery Icon Settings
  • Wake on plug
  • Allow doubletap/longpress power to toggle torch
  • Lockscreen Charging Info
  • Show bluetooth battery level
  • HeadsUp blacklists
  • Added option to scramble pin layout when unlocking
  • Added switch for linked ring and media notification volumes
  • Add support for displaying Volte icon
  • Volte icon toggle
  • Added more Volte Icon
  • Added support VoWIFI icons
  • Added more VoWIFI Icon
  • Added DataSwitchTile
  • Double tap to trigger doze
  • Double tap to wake on doze
  • Show a bolt ⚡ when charging
  • Allow disabling ripple effect on unlock
  • Added TouchGestures (off screen gesture)
  • Lockscreen Media Art
  • Lock screen media artwork blur level
  • Added Pulse
  • Optional haptic feedback on back gesture
  • Fix Screen Off Udfps

Pixel Extended v5.0 (03.10.2022) PEXtension – Welcome A13:

  • September Security Patch
  • Added the PEXtension menu (where you will find all the added features)
  • Allow user to add/remove QS with one click
  • Haptic Feedback to tiles
  • Allow using 4G icon instead of LTE
  • Incall vibration options
  • Advanced reboot toggle
  • Three-fingers-swipe to screenshot
  • Statusbar NFC icon
  • Double tap to sleep on lockscreen
  • Double tap to sleep on statusbar
  • Fingerprint authentication vibration
  • Volume Rocker Wake
  • Network traffic monitor
  • Lockscreen quick unlock
  • Hide power menu on secure lockscreen
  • Volume Long Press Skip Tracks
  • Volume key cursor control
  • Old style mobile data indicators
  • Quick QS pulldown
  • … and other small improvement

This is a new Android version, so the missing features will be added later Enjoy The PEX !!

Pixel Extended v4.9 (14.09.2022) The Last Dance:

  • Updated security patch to september
  • Depracating Android 12 Builds
  • Marking the start of Android 13 development
  • … and other small improvement

Pixel Extended v4.8 (12.08.2022) Sun Month:

  • Added a new crowdin to translate in all languages (ask in PEX group to add new languages)
  • Update Screen off UDFPS Settings
  • Update Lockscreen Clock Font
  • Add unlinked ringtone and notification volumes
  • Add support for one shot auto-brightness
  • … and other small improvement

Pixel Extended v4.7 (07.07.2022) Summer Month:

  • Merged July Security Patch and synced with latest Pe
  • Add Applock
  • Add vibration patterns from OOS
  • Allow disabling QS battery estimates
  • allow disable of screenshot shutter sound
  • Fix toggling screen off FOD
  • Add QS Transparency level
  • Add Less boring heads up option
  • Make colored Statusbar Icons optional
  • … and other small improvement

Pixel Extended v4.6 (11.06.2022) Happiness Day:

  • Merged June Security Patch and synced with latest Pe
  • Added qs columns/tile customizations
  • Added support to choose custom font styles
  • Fixed statusbar location access
  • Added support for GameSpace
  • Fixed volume key music control
  • Added restriction for data
  • Added Italian and Spain Translate for SnowHouse Settings
  • … and other improvements

Pixel Extended v4.5 (17.05.2022) The heat begins:

  • Merged May Security Patch and synced with latest Pe
  • Fixed Lockscreen Media Art
  • Added Lockscreen Album Art Filter
  • Added Lockscreen Pulse
  • Added Pocket Mode
  • Added Advanced Gestures
  • Added PixelExtended Logo to Firmware window
  • Added ROM banner clickable
  • Added font size in 5% steps from 80% to 130%
  • Added IME button space optional
  • … and other improvements

Pixel Extended v4.4 (28.04.2022) It’s Spring:

  • Merged April Security Patch and synced with latest Pe
  • Fixed tile colour (with dark theme)
  • Fixed search bar in settings
  • Fixed APNs on first ROM startup
  • Fixed torch with power button
  • Added black theme (removed pitch black)
  • Added toggle screen off FOD
  • Added toggle for combined signal icons in status bar
  • Added double tap to trigger doze
  • Added Device maintainer to Firmware window
  • Added Allow changing monet settings
  • Added setting to force small clock in lockscreen
  • Added Hide power menu on secure lockscreen
  • Added Home key Answer call
  • Added Power key End call
  • … and other improvements

Pixel Extended v4.3 (07.03.2022) Here we go again:

  • Merged Mar Security Patch and synced with latest Pe
  • Added pitch black theme
  • Allow toggling location privacy indicator
  • Allow disabling ripple effect on unlock
  • … and other improvements

Note: This is the first release after the rebase to A12.1, some missing features will be added in future releases. Have a good Flash

Pixel Extended v4.2 (24.02.2022) Free Month:

  • Merged Feb Security Patch and synced with latest Pe
  • Added Network traffic monitor
  • Added Udfps icons
  • Added Udfps custo icon
  • Added Udfps animation
  • Added Face Unlock
  • Added App Lock
  • Added Small Mobile Icon
  • … and other improvements

Pixel Extended v4.1 (25.01.2022) Dry Month:

  • Merged Jan Security Patch and synced with latest Pe
  • Added Quick Tap support
  • Fixed Double tap to wake doze feature
  • Fixed Lockscreen Wallpaper not being set if different from Home
  • Added Force Small clock feature
  • Added Theming Options under display
  • Added deep sleep info
  • Added Hardware Key Support
  • Fixed some Buggy QS tiles
  • Enabled OTA support
  • Some other fixes and improvements

I know this update is late and this is because i don’t have any unlocked device rn to test , i switched to OP9 from Poco M2 Pro but next from next month it will be blast XD .

Pixel Extended v4.0 (18.12.2021) SnowHouse:

  • December Security Patch (that’s y we r late )
  • Removed default aspect ratio limit for old apps
  • Developer/USB notification improvements
  • Allow adjusting screen density to smaller sizes
  • Enabled LTE+ icon
  • Added VoLTE icon toogle
  • 4G icon toogle
  • In Call Vibrations
  • QS touch haptic feedback
  • Add QS tiles with One click
  • Added DT2W/DT2S toogles
  • Added Advance Reboot
  • Added SystemUI Tuner
  • Added Delete Action to ScreenShot
  • Adapted ScreenShot Sound to ringer modes
  • Reduces ScreenShot Delay to 2ms
  • Enabled Light QS theme
  • Added Alert Slider UI
  • Updated 4G+/LTE+ icons to silk desgin
  • Added Haptic feedback to tiles
  • Adapted Power Menu to System Theme style
  • Add three-fingers-swipe to screenshot
  • Allow to suppress notifications sound/vibration if screen is ON
  • Add back the delete action for the screen recorder notification
  • Ability to show Bluetooth battery level
  • Forward port lockscreen quick unlock
  • Forward port CM security settings
  • Volume Rocker wake and music control
  • Lockscreen charging toogle
  • Battery and clock customisations
  • Screenrecord Improvments
  • Added Double tap to wake on doze gesture
  • Added Reset battery stats
  • Added Lockscreen media art toogle and blur option
  • Ability to Show icon of package associated with Toast
  • Added wake on plug toogle
  • Ability to pull down QS with one finger
  • Power Off Screen Torch
  • Added Brightness Slider Customisation
  • Redesigned Seekbar
  • Added Combined Signal icons toogle
  • Added Clock & date QS actions
  • Added SystemUI reboot option
  • Allow Hiding Nav Bar Gesture
  • Added unlinked ringtone and notification volumes
  • Expose camera, location and microphone icons to Tuner
  • Ability to Open Running Services on Long Press Setting button and dedicated snowhouse button on QS
  • Spoofed Google Photos , PUBG and COD in PPU
  • Added moar Themed Icons
  • Enabled NFC tile
  • Brought back wifi and cell tiles
  • Added Sync , Caffeine , dataswitch and sound search tiles
  • Added Pocket Lock

I might have missed some improvements and features to mention but this is our very first Android 12 Public Stable Build starting with version number 4.0 with all Pixel Exclusives Features and Gapps (Ofc we are based On pixel experience). Please Follow Flashing guides directed by your maintainer and report bugs with logcat .


Here are Some Download link For Pixel Extended Rom:

Download Pixel Extended Rom

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