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Pixel Extended with Android 11 For Redmi Note 5/Plus (Vince)

Pixel Extended v3.0
Device: Redmi Note 5/5 Plus (vince)
Version: Android 11
By: @srinandek
Build Date: 17.08.2021

Source Changelog:

Pixel Extended V3.0 (15.08.2021) The Slayer !

  • Patches and FP Updated to August
  • Improved and Fixed Android S clock
  • Made Net Traffic more beautiful!
  • Charging animation at keyguard
  • Restore bypass lock screen after face unlock
  • Restored a moar minimal nd practical Advance gestures, removed useless actions and kept only practical ones.
  • Bs Slider Customisations (Positioning)
  • Re-Implemented FOD Customisations (better than before)
  • Fixed a case where qs is being pulled when triggering DT2S
  • Double Tap to trigger doze
  • Introduced awesome brightness slider style
  • Introduced user interface for Alert Sliders
  • Allow disabling fingerprint wake-and-unlock

Device Side:

  • Fixed Most of the Issues Related to Mic/Audio
  • Fixed Can’t Turn Off DT2W
  • Fixed “Squared App Opening Animation”
  • Fixed Lags with Blur Enabled
  • Upstreamed Kernel to .280
  • Updated To Aug Redfin FP
  • Switch To GcamGO as Default Camera
  • Address Lots of Denials
  • Switched back To Old Thermal Engine
  • Battery Backup Should be Slightly better
  • Switched to Unitrix Kernel
  • Misc Optimizations.



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  • Clean Flash Recommended.


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