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Octavi OS with Android 11 For Xiaomi Mi A1 (Tissot)

OctaviOS Official Android 11

  • Device: Xiaomi Mi A1(tissot)
  • Octavi OS Version: 2.3
  • Maintainer: @Reharsh
  • Build Type: GApps/Vanilla
  • Build Date: 30/04/2021

Source Changelog:

Octavi OS v2.3 Changelog 24/04/2021:

  • OxygenOS 11 QS Footer layout is now added in octavi for better accessibility
  • Added collapse bar in settings
  • Rebased vendor with new implementations for better integration
  • Reverted AndroidS MediaPlayer View to old A11 view
  • Added QS Style Tint Option with more options like OOS / Accent / Android S
  • Added Navbar Styles Option
  • Added Settings Icon option now you can give your settings a new look with this
  • Added OctaviOS LockScreen Clock (Thanks to Madness)
  • Added Toggle To Disable FP Icon on Lockscreen and moved it under weather
  • Implemented GVisual Mod Navbar Color
  • New Implementation of PerApp Network Isolation
  • Add Support for global cleartext penalties
  • Wifi Timeout Feature
  • Bluetooth Timeout Feature
  • Few FOD Fixes
  • Added Few FOD Icons
  • Added TouchGestures
  • Add Option to instantly lock app on Closing
  • Fixed the crash in using AppLock when you don’t have FP/Face registered
  • Improvements to AppLock code
  • Added a call to hide ringer button if your device has an Alert slider (OnePlus devices)
  • Optimization to App info page creation
  • Fix bug on High contrast text
  • Fix creation of brightness thumb on diff icon packs
  • Imported entity-headers from OOS
  • Fixed an issue where content goes behind toolbar and yet visible
  • Fixed Volume panel animations a bit
  • Various improvements in sepolicy of source
  • Added Option to Disable StatusBar on Lockscreen
  • Improved Vanilla Clock app to match Google clock UI
  • Rebased Launcher3 From ShapeshiftOS
  • Added some translations in octavi lab

Device Changelog :

  • Initial official build

Notes :

  • Clean flash is must



  • All Developers and Testers.

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