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Legion OS with Android 11 For Poco X2/Redmi K30 (Phoenix)

Legion OS 3.13 | Poco X2 | phoenix

  • Build date: 2021-09-25
  • Security Patch: September 2021
  • Android Version: 11

Source Changelog:

Legion OS v3.13

Things we added

  • Merged r43 September security patch
  • Added new Statusbar brightness control
  • Added new OOS clock for QS
  • Added new default wallpaper
  • Added back gradient Brightness Sliders
  • Added color bucket preference controller
  • Added seekbar for Statusbar padding
  • Rearrange and added new switch styles
  • Added new universal Disco mode
  • Added GamingMode support
  • Removed Homepage spacer optional
  • Revamp Settings homepage
  • Added a option to select bgPrimary or textColorPrimary
  • Added qs label accent-primary for light|dark
  • Revamp LegionSettings a bit
  • Revamp category headers
  • Added new Battery Saver Profiles
  • Introduce automated Sleep Mode
  • Added aggressive battery support
  • Added Monet accent from Project Radiant
  • Added wallpaper based gradient color option
  • Added toggle to hide status bar on lock screen
  • Added toggle to hide lock icon on lock screen
  • Added simple fade filter to the media artwork
  • Added dismiss all button toggle
  • Added/Implement reticker
  • Added switch to make Qs clock Optional
  • Added more translations for FR-GR-IT languages

Fixes with this update:

  • We pass CTS with September patch
  • Improved some system apps
  • We made animations a bit humane
  • We fixed the FOD position if the cutout is hidden
  • Fixed per-app volume for some volume panel styles
  • Misc changes

Device Changelog:

  • Add support for LCD HBM and CABC
  • update blobs from miui PHOENIXIN 21.8.4
  • Add notch bar killer overlay
  • introduce POCOparts
  • POCO parts: import vicration strength
  • override overlays present in stock vendor
  • move parts to /system_ext
  • allow switching notch style
  • kill off IMS iogspam with fire
  • update display prop from stock
  • Add missing BT prop
  • Set ro.config.vc_call_vol_steps from stock
  • Configure dynamic schedtune boost
  • Fix 24bit audio playback
  • update redfin fp to september
  • Remove unnecessary config_allowAllRotations option
  • Modify the cpuset setting
  • Add missing mi_thermald definition
  • allocate dedicated pcm node for in call recording
  • Add recording configurations
  • Boost GPU to the max for expensive rendering
  • Declare support for ARMv8.2 extensions
  • Update storage path to /data/vendor/nfc
  • Enable iorapd prefetching
  • Label idle_state sysfs nodes
  • Offload 24 bits playback supports mp3/aac format
  • Correct routing order for VOIP output
  • Switch to AOSP BT
  • Disable ULL mode
  • Load A2DP configuration from a2dp_audio_policy_configuration…
  • Enable AOSP Bluetooth audio HAL v2
  • Boost GPU on specific events
  • Set HBM mode to 0 (off) by default
  • Uprev IRadio HAL to 1.5
  • Add support for updatable GPU driver
  • Kang app compaction props from lahaina
  • Kang memory optimizations from atoll
  • Override ccodec property in a vendor


  • Clean Flash Recommended.




  • All Developers and Testers.


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