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DerpFest with Android 11 For Moto G5S Plus (Sanders)

DerpFest | Official

  • Android: 11 (R)
  • Device: Moto G5S Plus (Sanders)
  • Maintainer: @arnavpuranik & @marshmello_61
  • Build Date: 27 Sep 2021

DerpFest 11 Features:

  1. Theming
    • Styles Configuration Menu
    • 4 System Icon Shapes
    • 43 System Fonts
    • 7 Primary Colors (Background Colors)
    • 6 Lockscreen Clock Styles
    • Grid
    • Wallpaper Picker
    • RGB Accent Picker
    • Rounded Corners
  2. Statusbar
    • System Icons
    • StatusBar Logo
    • Network Traffic Display
    • Battery Percent Show/Hide Config
    • Show Clock
    • Show Date
    • Ticker(Beta)
    • Carrier Label Settings
  3. Quick Settings
    • Statusbar Pulldown (Left/Right)
    • QS Opacity & Color Configs
    • QS Background Image Blur
    • Brightness Slider
    • Tiles Area
    • Footers Area
    • Header Area
  4. Buttons
    • NavBar (Enable/Disable)
    • Screen Off Power Button Torch
    • Volume Settings
    • Hardware Keys
    • Prevent Accidental Touch
    • Enable On-Screen Navbar
    • Enable backlight
    • Hardware Keys Customisation
  5. Gestures
    • AOSP Gestures
    • Back Gesture Height Config
    • Toggle To Hide Navbar Pill
    • Double Tap To Sleep Status Bar
    • Double Tap to Sleep Lockscreen
    • Three Finger Swipe To Screenshot
  6. Lockscreen
    • Fingerprint Authentication Vibration Toggle
    • Face Unlock
    • Ambient Brightness
    • Lock Screen Shortcuts
    • Status bar visibility toggle
    • Hide LockScreen Icon
    • Lockscreen Charging Info
    • Show Battery Bar
    • Clock/Date/Owner Info Options
    • Lock Screen Music Visualizer
    • Lock Screen Media Artwork Configs
  7. PowerMenu
    • Disable PowerMenu When Locked
    • Power Menu Items
  8. Notifications
    • Notification Light
    • Battery Charging Light
    • Charging Animations
    • Show Gentle Notifications
    • Force Expanded Notifications
    • Edge Lighting
    • Noisy Notifications
    • In Call Vibration Options
  9. Animations
    • Animation Duration
    • Disable Transition Animations
    • ListView Animations
  10. Miscellaneous
    • Wake On Charge
    • Brightness Control
    • Signature Spoofing Support
    • Time In State Monitor
    • Doze Settings

Rom Changelog:

  • Out of beta
  • Brought back Google CarrierSettings
  • Brought back toggle for A12 Searchbar style and fixed overlap with wifi settings
  • Updated Inter font family
  • Added support for accented clock color on S Clocks
  • Removed date/weather on TypeClock and Omni weather on S clocks until I figure out completely
  • Pulse: Added Custom gravity and Center mirrored options
  • Added option to extend Pulse to QS Panel
  • Pulse: Added Vertical mirror option
  • Added options for iOS-like toast notification for clipboard access
  • Added moar prebuilt weather icon packs
  • Added some Anime custom headers
  • Show full default name for wifi and signal icon customization preferences
  • Disabled all-caps for smart reply button text
  • Removed sensors toggle from automated sleep mode
  • FODCircleView: Always update FODAnimation position
  • GamingMode: Moved RecordingService into main process
  • SystemUI: Halt LyricTicker after statusbar lyric disabled
  • Reduced NotificationHistoryDatabase logspam
  • Gestures: Fixed up footer string
  • P404Panel, ShapeShiftPanel: Don’t show captions info tooltip
  • Launcher3: Fixed IntentFilter leak in QuickEventsController
  • Launcher3: Cleaned up code for QuickEvents and QuickSpaceView
  • Launcher3: Fixed Blur not being applied properly in some cases
  • Some optimizations from upstream
  • Add Ambient Text Customizations
  • Make IME button space optional
  • FODCircleView: Update animation position on circle showing when dreaming
  • ScreenDecorations: Simplify rounded size selection
  • Ticker: Follow status bar padding
  • LyricTicker: Follow status bar padding
  • Add redwave FOD animation
  • Make Haptic feedback toggle for back gesture respect global haptic feedback settings
  • FOD: Use sharper fod green pressed icon
  • UI Fix for special runtime permissions
  • FaceUnlockService: Get corrrect camera ID
  • Fix ticker appearing for a split second on lockscreen
  • SamsungHighlightclock: Fix updating wallpaper color when wallpaper changes
  • PixelPropsUtils: Bring samsung accessory service to the list
  • MediaProvider: Fix off-by-one error in FUSE based redaction of sensitive data (fixes sharing a image to any messenger app)




  • Gapps Pre-included


  • For All Testers and Developers.


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