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Corvus OS with Android 12 For Mi A3 (Laurel Sprout)

Corvus OS vS4.0 | Leviathan | Official | Android 12L
Build Date: 31-08-2022
Device: MI A3 | laurel_sprout
Maintainer: @H3M3L


Source Side:

Corvus OS v4.0- Leviathan | Changelog

  • Patch – July – android-12.1.0_r22 | Bumped security string to August


  • Fixed multiple random app crashes (FB, Reddit etc) Thanks to @nift4 for spotting the issue
  • Fixed banking app crashes
  • Fixed decryption in recovery
  • Fixed broken battery icon on the “Filled” icon pack
  • Fixed toggle torch when screen off
  • Fixed setting developer QS Tiles
  • Fixed setting custom picture on multi-user setting
  • Fixed QS Panel interaction lag
  • Fixed mono QS tile active state toggle
  • Fixed Reboot QS tile
  • Fixed Volume rocker skip track
  • Addressed camera app crashes/Glitches for a few devices
  • Fixed media output selector crash from volume panel
  • Fixed support for QTI Bluetooth
  • Fixed the missing vibrate icon from the status bar
  • Fixed long booting time
  • Fixed Lockscreen clock centre alignment
  • Fixed Custom clock in AOD
  • Fixed Lockscreen bottom shortcuts
  • Fixed landscape icon with battery saver glitch
  • Fixed colors pf inactive volume panel bars
  • Fixed ability to display 4G and VoLTE icons together
  • More miscellaneous fixes and improvements

Source Fixes:

  • Fixed ability to build PhotonCamera
  • Fixed requiring to lunch twice
  • Rebased Art, bionic, Av, Native, Core repos
  • Switched to Jemalloc mem
  • Added support for Lahaina
  • Restore Legacy support for a few devices

System UI:

  • Added new QS Translucent accent style inspired by Fluid
  • Reworked QS Outline style to be truly outlined style
  • Added new random colored QS Tile style
  • Added a new detailed data usage panel in the expanded QS Panel
  • Added QS Weather and customisation (Omni Jaws)
  • Optimize Download animations
  • Optimize responsiveness and speed up UI animations
  • Fix QS mobile icon disappearing on the theme switch
  • Hide lock screen media art if nothing is playing
  • Add support for a strict standby policy
  • Remove shadows from Lockscreen text views
  • Choose AOSP color seed generation
  • Replace lock screen lock icon with the two-tone icon
  • Redesign QS Media player
  • QS Media player customisation
  • Added QS Media player vinyl style animation (Alpha implementation)
  • Partially add blurred dialogs back for the ones that don’t affect A12 animations
  • Added ability to limit lower refresh rate in AOD
  • Allow skipping 3 seconds timer in screen recorder
  • Added Lockscreen media art and blur customisation
  • Updated pixel props
  • Added Notch bar killer overlay
  • Added QS Tiles column customisation
  • Added ability to hide tile labels
  • Added ability to Align qs tile content vertically
  • Re-do system-wide fonts implementation
  • Added user-selectable VoLTE styles
  • Added user-selectable VoWifi styles
  • Revert back to the old clock/date style
  • Reduced status bar clock pill paddings
  • Adapt lock screen bottom shortcuts to Light/Dark theme
  • Make the notification count badge more compact and visible


  • New redesigned settings dashboard
  • Redesigned battery usage bar with animation
  • Redesigned storage usage bar with animation
  • Added Wifi-hotspot settings
  • Added Bluetooth timeout settings
  • Added Wifi timeout settings
  • Added ability to forward VPN through hotspot
  • Make HWUI renderer persistent
  • Added android 12L easter egg
  • Switched the android version to 12L in the firmware version
  • Added support for application downgrade
  • Added support for strict standby policy
  • Added background freezer
  • Added smart charging
  • Added preference to open battery optimization page from battery settings
  • Added ability to ignore window secure flags
  • Added multiple pre-installed weather icon packs
  • Added user configurable fingerprint wake-and-unlock

Raven Launcher:

  • Added Quick space with Date & Time and Quotes (At-a-Glance)
  • Added Weather view to Quickspace (At-a-Glance)
  • Added ability to set app drawer row height
  • Added extra hotseat grids (4×4 – 6×10)
  • Added themed icons from @modulesrepo
  • Added blur changes to the launcher
  • Adjust app icon sizes based on the grid sizes
  • Fixed wrong RAM usage text colors
  • Added ability to change recent and app drawer background opacity
  • Added A12 designed custom weather widget (Omni Jaws)


  • Redesigned tiles to look like QS Tiles
  • Added Ability to show currently playing game
  • Added estimated game time for currently playing game
  • Added the ability to disable USB debugging
  • Added modified ringer mode


  • Added new selective signal icon packs
  • Added new fonts
  • Added pitch black theme
  • Added ability to pick wallpaper colors

Device Changelog:

  • Merged August security patch.
  • Safety Net passing by default.
  • Only Gapps build.


  • Clean Flash Compulsory.




  • For Testers and Developers.


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