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TenX OS with Android 11 For Redmi Note 7 Pro (Violet)

TenX OS v3.1 | Flash
Android: 11 (R)
Updated: 14.05.21
By: @Rdx55

Source Changelogs:

  • Merged May security patches.
  • Improved setting Ambient Battery Temperature & percentage.
  • Improved Oxygen OS like settings layout.
  • Improved brightness slider paddings.
  • Redesigned About Phone.
  • Redesigned TenX Settings.
  • Fixed keyguard/UI/lock screen lag/bug.
  • Fixed QS Panel background image.
  • Fixed Suggestions card’s Toggle.
  • Fixed Incall vibrations & Custom vibration pattern.
  • Added QQS Brightness slider.
  • Added Increasing ring feature.
  • Added Statusbar signal & WiFi bar icons.
  • Added Statusbar Height options.
  • Added Seekbar styles.
  • Added a Toggle for QS Tile Mask.
  • Added QS Tile styles & custom tint options.
  • Added Switch styles.
  • Added UI styles.
  • Added Settings dashboard icons. Thanks to @Roger_T for the icons.
  • Added Blur intensity for QS Panel background image.
  • Added Statusbar/QS header weather image.
  • Added Statusbar Start & End Padding options.
  • Added Dual status bar mod.
  • Added QS Row configs.
  • Added Oxygen OS & Android 12 QS Tile tint.
  • Added option to choose QS Header image from Storage.
  • Added Custom QS Tile size.
  • Added a Toggle to change volume panel position.
  • Added Expanded volume panel.
  • Added option to hide Statusbar in lockscreen>
  • Added Lockscreen background blur slider.
  • Added Blink Flashlight for calls & customisations including Blink rate.
  • Added Notifications opacity.
  • Added Lottie animation & size for Sammy clock styles.
  • Added Max lock screen notifications count.

Device changelogs:

  • Fixed KCAL
  • Added Gcam
  • Added SimpleGallery & RetroMusic
  • Updated to redfin May fingerprint
  • Correct GBoard spacing
  • Redesign FPS Info
  • Increase minimum brightness level(antiflicker)
  • Enforce 24bit audio for offload playback
  • Fixed loudspeaker call volume control
  • Fixed delay on getting network service after boot
  • Boost audio output
  • Add Lottie animation header in violetparts


  • Restart SystemUI if any changes are not being applied.
  • Set Network traffic to Expanded Header for Dual row network traffic.
  • Don’t set weather to statusbar if dual row is enabled, it’ll break the systemui & will be fixed in the next build.



  • All Developers and Testers.

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