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TenX OS with Android 11 For Redmi Note 4/4x (Mido)

TenX OS v3.1 | Flash
Android: 11 (R)
Updated: 03.06.21
By: @jennifer1436

Source Changelogs:

  • Merged May security patches.
  • Improved setting Ambient Battery Temperature & percentage.
  • Improved Oxygen OS like settings layout.
  • Improved brightness slider paddings.
  • Redesigned About Phone.
  • Redesigned TenX Settings.
  • Fixed keyguard/UI/lock screen lag/bug.
  • Fixed QS Panel background image.
  • Fixed Suggestions card’s Toggle.
  • Fixed Incall vibrations & Custom vibration pattern.
  • Added QQS Brightness slider.
  • Added Increasing ring feature.
  • Added Statusbar signal & WiFi bar icons.
  • Added Statusbar Height options.
  • Added Seekbar styles.
  • Added a Toggle for QS Tile Mask.
  • Added QS Tile styles & custom tint options.
  • Added Switch styles.
  • Added UI styles.
  • Added Settings dashboard icons. Thanks to @Roger_T for the icons.
  • Added Blur intensity for QS Panel background image.
  • Added Statusbar/QS header weather image.
  • Added Statusbar Start & End Padding options.
  • Added Dual status bar mod.
  • Added QS Row configs.
  • Added Oxygen OS & Android 12 QS Tile tint.
  • Added option to choose QS Header image from Storage.
  • Added Custom QS Tile size.
  • Added a Toggle to change volume panel position.
  • Added Expanded volume panel.
  • Added option to hide Statusbar in lockscreen>
  • Added Lockscreen background blur slider.
  • Added Blink Flashlight for calls & customisations including Blink rate.
  • Added Notifications opacity.
  • Added Lottie animation & size for Sammy clock styles.
  • Added Max lock screen notifications count.

Device changelogs:

  • Initial Build.
  • Updated thermal config & thermal blobs from bardock.
  • Updated thermal hal & fixed some 4.9 related issues from rosy thanks to Pulkit077.
  • Fixed CPU frequently throttling, slow charging, charging disconnects in high temperature.


  1. Restart SystemUI if any changes are not being applied.
  2. Set Network traffic to Expanded Header for Dual row network traffic.
  3. Don’t set weather to the status bar if the dual row is enabled, it’ll break the system UI & will be fixed in the next build.
  • SELinux Enforcing.
  • kernel version is 4.9.
  • But I still suggest don’t use mobile while charging if u use then it will definitely heat.



  • All Developers and Testers.

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