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ShapeShiftOS v2.4.1 R(11) For Redmi Note 7/7s Lavender

Shapeshiftos v2.4.1 | Treecko
Android: 11 (R)
Updated: 01.04.21


ShapeShiftOS Treecko-2.4.1:

  • fix dpi issues with prebuilt accent picker
  • add oos 11 style qs tint option
  • improve oos 11 style qs
  • fix disabled switch bar colour in settings
  • fix some issues with multisim ringtone
  • fix inconsistencies with status bar icon sizes
  • fix blur disappearing sometimes in launcher
  • move kill app to app shortcut menu in recent
  • switch to old recent buttons (new redesign soon™)
  • added top/bottom gradient toggles in launcher
  • reduce flickering of battery percentage in status bar
  • add light variants of OnePlus sans and OnePlus slate font
  • extend daily usage to qs footer data usage
  • add live display
  • add more fod icons
  • add app lock
  • add asus long screenshot
  • add scheduled aod
  • allow to use face unlock as auth method for apps
  • nuke OnePlus file manager from manifest
  • nuke assistant handle toggles

Device Side:

  • Gcam go added
  • Sound improvements
  • Fixed random crashes


  • Synced With The Latest Source
  • Use The Latest Firmware
  • Stock G-Apps Are Included
  • Predator X4.4 EAS Kernel Built In


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  • Thanks to @PredatorX91 for his kernel.
  • Thanks to @Indrajithlal69 and @ondroid94 for testing.

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