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StagOS v11.0.R2 For Poco X3 Surya

StagOS v11.0.R2 -OFFICIAL | Android 11.
Updated: 03/04/’21

Source Changelog:

  • Updated to March Security Patch
  • Improved FaceUnlock Implementation (Should be amazing now try it to see it, Thanks to Jhenrique)
  • Improved gapps package (Now Gapps has everything you could ask for)
  • Replaced music player with Retro Music Player
  • Improved Ambient display options (as below)
  • Added double tap to Ambient/wake up
  • Add option to show AOD on charge
  • Pulse/Edge light for notifications
  • Added Smart Charging (for supported devices)
  • Added lock screen charging status
  • Added option to invert navbar (both 2-button and 3-button)
  • Added smart Pixels
  • Added battery bar
  • Added pulse and edge light notification
  • Added long screenshot (I can’t believe I delayed it soo much)
  • Kill an app from its notification (you heard me right long tap and close app right there)
  • Headers (We all missed our very own stag headers didn’t we)
  • Added Permission Hub (For the privacy enthusiast in us)
  • Set a dead zone above which gestures won’t work (For US butterfingers)
  • Customize the length of the gesture nav bar now
  • Who likes the lock icon, disable it if you want to 😛

Device Changelog:

  • Implement auto-lowering refresh rate on battery saver.
  • Add touch profiles for gaming and benchmarking.
  • parts: Add dirac QS tile.
  • parts: Introduce Refresh Rate QS tile.
  • Implement Hide Cutout Notch Setting by System.
  • Improve strings for game mode.
  • Enable haptic text cursor.
  • Turn on support of multiple vibration intensities.
  • Set required props for userspace LMKD.


  1. StatusBar
  • Traffic Indicators
  • Battery Icon
  • Clock Settings
  • Carrier Label
  • Old Mobile Type Icons
  • Brightness Control
  • 4G LTE Toggle
  • Volit Icon Toggle
  1. Quick Settings
  • Header Images
  • QS panel Opacity
  • QS Tile Animations
  • Brightness Slider Position
  • Auto Brightness Icon Toggle
  • Status Bar Header Clock
  • QS Rows And Columns Customisation
  1. Volume Keys
  • Volume Keys Cursor
  • Playback Control
  • Volume Rocker Wake
  1. Animations
  • System Animations
  • Listview Animations
  • Screen Off Animations
  • Power Menu Animations
  • QS tiles Animations
  1. Navigation Bar
  • Full Screen Gesture Mode
  • Invert Layout
  • Pulse
  1. Gestures
  • AOSP Gestures
  • Prevent Ringing
  • DT2S On Lockscreen Ans Statusbar
  • Three Finger Screenshot
  1. Lock Screen
  • Lock Screen Clock Styles
  • Music Visualiser
  • Charging info
  1. Power Menu
  • Advanced Restart
  • Screenshot
  • Settings
  1. Styles And Wallpapers
  • Lockscreen Clock Faces
  • Styles (Icon Shapes And All)
  1. Notifications
  • Notification Light
  • Battery Charging Light
  • Heads Up Notifications toggle
  • Edge Lighting
  1. Display
  • Ambient Display
  • Night Light
  • Icon Shapes
  • Color Bucket
  • RGB Accent Picker
  • Gradient Accents
  • Font Manager
  1. System
  • RGB Accent Picker
  • Dashboard Icons
  • Gaming Mode


  • Only Pristine a.k.a Vanilla variant is available.
  • Report Bugs in Support group.
  • For ANX Installation Click Here.


Flashing Steps

StagOS v11.0.R2 For Poco X3 Surya


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