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ShapeShift OS with Android 11 For Realme 3 Pro/X Lite (RMX1851)

ShapeShift OS 2.7- Solosis Official
By: @KKShedge
Realme 3 Pro (RMX1851)
Build Date: 20/08/21
File Size: 1.37 GB

Source Changelog:

Version 2.7-Solosis:

  • August security patch
  • redesign settings dashboard
  • redesign vowifi icon from scratch
  • redesign pocket mode view
  • redesign launcher settings page
  • redesign cards in ShapeShifter
  • fixed vowifi and volte icon slot detection
  • add A12 inspired clock
  • add animated fod icon picker
  • add static fod icon picker from gallery
  • add dark theme styles
  • add settings homepage dividers customization
  • add settings dashboard icons customization
  • add aospa volume panel to options
  • add shapeshift volume panel to options
  • add unlinked notification support to custom volume panels and fixed infinite expanding
  • add an option to choose a preferred refresh rate
  • add icon size picker in the launcher
  • add lock screen wallpaper blur slider
  • add haptic feedback to switches
  • add support for one-shot auto-brightness
  • add the ripple effect to recent buttons
  • add a smart charging indication to lock screen and settings
  • add alarm and wake lock blocker to developer options
  • add simpledeviceconfig
  • add an option to use lte icon instead of 4g
  • add unlimited original-quality storage to google photos (spoofed to Marlin)
  • add Polish translations to ShapeShifter and Settings
  • add an option to change face unlock method on lock screen
  • add an option to automatically enable aggressive battery saver when battery saver is on
  • add an option to use media artwork on QS media controls
  • add oxygenos system icon pack (oos icons are no longer default)
  • add a silent notification when a screenshot is taken with actions to delete or edit the screenshot
  • disable FOD when strong authentication is required
  • show Bluetooth battery level for all devices
  • switched to hastebin for logs
  • a fixed recent crash on third-party launchers
  • fixed some padding issues with left-aligned clocks
  • fixed folder text color in the launcher in light theme
  • fixed accent color preview default state and color
  • fixed several accent color inconsistencies across the system
  • fixed FOD position when display cutout is hidden
  • fixed app locker not working from notifications
  • fixed all qs bugs in landscape
  • fixed few issues with blur in the launcher
  • fixed font inconsistencies across the system
  • updated gapps

2.7-Solosis Hotfix update:

  • fixed null text after dismissing media on ShapeShift 12 clock
  • fixed a few issues with a lock icon
  • fixed data usage text in qs when there is no sim
  • fixed issues with apps that use event log (example: Brevent)
  • fixed qs media resumption toggle not working
  • fixed invisible edit icon in some parts of settings when oxygen os pack is used

Device Changelog:

  • Initial OSS vendor build
  • Fixed Sim reset
  • Added most changes from prebuilt trees
  • Added Dirac and Sound Control in RealmeHub
  • Added Notchbar killer overlay
  • Use Coral’s vibration pattern
  • Fixed Wifi not working with other kernels
  • Updated AptX blobs from RQ3A.210805.001.A1 7474174

Kernel Changelog:

  • Uses Silent kernel
  • Kernel upstreamed to v4.9.280
  • Improvements to Kernelspace Battery saver
  • Enabled Srandom
  • Added Idle frequencies
  • Uses Efficient frequencies with newer energy model
  • Uses lesser time to enter sleep
  • TCP upstream
  • Used Cubic as default
  • Update wireguard to version 1.0.20210606


  • Gapps Included with ShapeShift Launcher
  • Vendor included
  • Clean flash is mandatory



  • For All Testers and Developers.



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