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Pixel Plus UI with Android 11 For Redmi 7 (Onclite)

Pixel Plus UI OFFICIAL v3.7 Update is now available for
Redmi 7 (onclite) by KostyaJRZ (@kostyajrz)

  • Build Version : v3.7 | Ragnarok
  • Build Date: 09 July 2021
  • Build Status: Stable

Source Changelog:

Pixel Plus UI OFFICIAL v3.7 | Ragnarok (08.07.2021)

  • Latest July Patch Merged ‘android-11.0.0_r39’
  • Redesign Settings Homepage Header
  • Settings: Implement Miui Inspired Custom Headers
  • Bring back Gaming mode with dynamic mode
  • Added ShapeShift Volume Panel Style
  • Added PixelPlusUI Specific Lockscreen Clock
  • Redesign QS Expanded Clock
  • Introduce Android 12 Style Switches
  • Debloated Gapps (nuked useless stuff)
  • Clocks: Add Android S Clocks
  • Implement Dynamic Volte/Vowifi Icon back again
  • Import VoLTE/VoWifi icons from Vivo X60 Pro
  • Added battery temp in battery tab
  • Pixelizer: Drop Volte/Vowifi icon Picker
  • Add Custom header in Each Tab of Pixelizer
  • Pixelizer: Add About PixelPlusUI and Team Section info
  • Add toggle for show battery in QS header
  • Add toggle for QS tile title visibility
  • Add QS columns/rows options
  • Fixed Date not changing in Expanded QS Clock
  • Add statusbar battery options (circle,dotted,text,etc)
  • HeadsUp: add timeout option
  • HeadsUp: Essential only mode option (less boring heads up)
  • Prebuilt: Update Pulse Music apk to v4.3.0
  • Updated Screen usage and last full charge icon
  • Improve face unlock method
  • Searchbar: Adjust Searchbar bg color
  • Fixed NavBar getting stuck when changing from landscape to portrait or vice versa
  • Added Squary Clock – Htc alike clock
  • Show me more than 4 items in the menus!
  • Add Wifi and Bluetooth Timeout Icons
  • Settings: Move some BT,NFC,CAST above submenu
  • Plugin: Add notification slider if ring & notification is unlinked
  • Plugin: Fix alarm not showing
  • Plugin: MiuiPanel: Make the corners perfectly rounded
  • vendor/aosp: Bump version to v3.7 | Ragnarok
  • Enable New Google Keyboard Theme and Rounded Corners
  • New Wall for New Version 3.7
  • Clocks: use correct thumbnail for Android S clock
  • Allow Seamless rotation while PIP is active
  • SystemUI: Add spacing above the emergency call button
  • SystemUI: It’s time to kill klondike-saur
  • BrightnessController: tune the slider animation duration
  • FODCircleView: remove fod dim and inline with los
  • SystemUI: Add OnePlus Numbers, Minimal and Roman clock
  • Java IDE Clock: Fix Package name For PixelPlusUI
  • Fix inactive state Wifi Icon in Kai Icon Pack
  • Improved Performance and stability
  • Misc changes and fixes

Device Changelog

  • Update vendor blobs
  • Drop CapabilityConfigStore
  • Switch to source built [email protected]
  • Remove time daemon init self-contained module
  • Drop qcom audio sw effects
  • Regen make/bp files
  • Updated kernel
  • Update redfin fp
  • Enable A11 Live blur
  • Compile HWUI for Better Performance
  • Disable WiFi display for now
  • Drop mm-qcamera-daemon bloats
  • Remove vendor.sensors
  • wifi: reduce battery drain
  • Turn on GPU protected composition
  • Kang walleye offsets for GPU composition
  • force triple frame buffers
  • Add overlay for masking the notch
  • Add Notch Bar Killer overlay
  • Add vendor prefix for fm_prop
  • Configure SQLite to operate in MEMORY mode
  • Don’t pin camera app in memory
  • Switch to libperfmgr for powerhint
  • And much more


  • Clean Flash Recommended.



  • All Developers and Testers.


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