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Pixel Plus UI with Android 12 For Realme X3/X3 Super Zoom (RMX2081)

Pixel Plus UI OFFICIAL update is now available for
Realme X3/X3 Super Zoom (RMX2081) by Nishant

  • Build Version: v4.2
  • Build Type: Gapps
  • Build Date: 10 Feb, 2022
  • Build Status: Stable

Source Changelog:

Pixel Plus UI OFFICIAL v4.2:

  • Merged Android 12 Release 29 to system and LA.QSSI.12.0.r1-06100-qssi.0 to QTI Bluetooth
  • February Security patch
  • Introducing our New OTA Updater
  • Added support of QTI BT Stack
  • Screen Recorder: Add blinikng stop Dot, Add low quality options, Add option for long recorders (Up to 15GiB)
  • Added support of VPN Hotspot
  • Added support for Per Audio volume control
  • A lot of various system improvements
  • Add options to Randomize Wi-Fi MAC adress
  • Wifi: Add support for always generating new random MAC
  • Add Settings title in Settings app
  • Added LTE Only Support
  • Added support for Wi-Fi & Bluetooth timeout
  • Reverted Power Button environment to A11 state
  • Enabled App Compaction by default
  • Disable assistant on Long power button Press
  • Allowed usage of backup tools for MultiUsers
  • Bionic: Added important fix for bionic_systrace from Android-Mainline
  • Also imported important changes for Frameworks/base from Mainline
  • Imported updated Zlib-NG & Jemalloc-new from ProtonAOSP
  • Updated Arm-Optimized-Routines to v21.02
  • Updated SettingsIntelligence styles
  • Bionic: Updated libm to latest version
  • Memory: Added smart idle maintenance mode
  • Reverted back to old fonts
  • Sepolicy: Updated to LA.QSSI.12.0.r1-06100-qssi.0 and System Sepolicy updates from PE
  • Added support of Repainter by Kdragon
  • Additional Removal of various debuggings
  • Added NFC tile
  • Added CPU Info Overlay & QS Tile
  • Added FPS Info Overlay & QS Tile
  • Allowed GPU usage for camera apps
  • Backport ‘Add ability to disable GL draws’ from Android T (Needs for unit tests)
  • Always default to 1.9 for host java modules in files
  • Added upload crash logs to crDroid pasty
  • Partly Updated System mediacodecs from Android T & Mainline
  • Added support of Volte and VoWiFi icons in system
  • Fixes for showing correct size of storage
  • Services: fonts: use a simple sha512 hash based file verification system
  • Use flow layout for advanced power menu
  • Updated data-ipa-cfg-mgr and dataservices
  • Added support of Android 12 Xiaomi TouchFeature
  • SystemUI: Removed power menu shadow
  • Disabled Deep Press touch video heatmaps
  • Additional ART fixes & ashmem fixes in system/core
  • Settings: Disable Bugreport settings
  • Added support of notification log history
  • Enabled Quick Wallet settings for all devices with NFC
  • Added Bluetooth panel
  • Aligned user avatar with homepage title
  • vold: Build exfatprogs & declare support of exFAT.
  • Fingerprint scanner location: Use location from resources Now devices can declare position correctly
  • Reverted “fpc: keep fpc in system-background”, now delay of FP scanner might be much less.
  • Build Environment:
  • Zero Compression for JAR Files, more faster work of system for Fast storage devices.
  • Switch to ThinLTO optimizations for Rust.
  • Clang uses more aggrecive inline for LTO compilations.
  • Added and Enabled full kernel LTO and ThinLTO environment support with ld.ldd linker.
  • Added fixes for llvm-readobj.
  • Improved System animations speed
  • Redesinged Vibraion icon from Havoc-OS
  • Added rounded corners to activity open/close animation
  • Disabled safe volume everywhere, not just the US
  • Improved Scrolling Caches
  • Disabled FP lockouts, Wallpapers zoom
  • Deleted media tests audios and videos (unused)
  • Aapt improvements
  • Added usage of Last saved location for TwilightService, Removed dependency from location services.
  • Added StatusBar Items Customizations, with support to turn off items, including VPN (Settings StatusBar Items)
  • Use smaller size of Location and Mic / Camera indications when in usage
  • Fixes for Ripple Animations with potential final fixes for Notifications black screen bug
  • Permissions history: Now system saves last 7 days permissions used by Apps
  • Updated PPUI Logo for Monet
  • Used Lottie animations for Screenshots
  • Added support of Wi-FI Display to Settings
  • Added support of low latency audio notifications
  • Settings: Added support for Click and Show detailed kernel information on Click (Will show compiler, Clang and LLD version and detailed info)
  • Improvements for faster and more proper work of system with overlays.
  • Added cache support for Fonts and Icon packs between reboots.
  • Settings: Updated all animations from Pixel 6 Pro
  • Additional fixes for detection and preventing NPE for system, Wi-FI and different environments, more stable and faster work
  • Fix of applying wallpaper only for LockScreen.
  • Additional SurfaceFlinger fixes, adaptations for Vsync for different Frequencies usage, 60hz usage should be more smooth now.
  • Media: Moved from 32 to 128 mStride buffer, additional fixes for Cameras support and C2 Codecs.
  • Calls right now will require low latency audio channels(Backend)
  • Higher resolution for mpeg4 codec: up to 1920×1920 (was 352×288 maximum)
  • Frameworks: Ringtones Refactor, also fixes for faster searching for mediafiles after deep sleep.
  • Fixes for rare crashes of NavigaionBar
  • Added support of Removal old system caches for dirty updates better support.
  • Given permissions for System apps for changing APN settings.
  • Disabled additional debuggings systemwide.
  • New Dark Mode Preview.
  • AOD Deep Sleep fix.

Decvice Changelog:

  • Initial A12 Build.


  • Clean is Recommended.




  • All Testers and Developers.


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