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Paranoid with Android 11 For Redmi Note 7 Pro (Violet)

Paranoid Android | Ruby
Android: 11 (R)
Updated: 02.08.21
By: @raghavt20


  • Pulled in changes from pa-surya
  • Import fine-tuned ACDBs by @ujjwalkirorimal
  • Drop GPS common component
  • Configure low memory killer for different memory variants
  • Fixed Infrared (IR) Blaster
  • Fixed some thermal issues while charging
  • Audio improvements over TAS by @panchajanya1999


  • Based on common (Xiaomi-sm6150) device tree
  • Gapps inbuilt
  • This build uses Xiaomi-touch to handle dt2w (If you flash any other kernel your dt2w won’t work)
  • For more detailed changes, check support group or GitHub


Download [1.4GB]

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