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NitrogenOS FAN Edition 1.1 R(11) For Poco X3 Surya

NitrogenOS FAN Edition 1.1 | Android 11
Updated: 26/03/’21

Changelog 1.1 :

  • New Faceunlock from Pixel Experience
  • Add Advanced Gesture
  • Switch to New Advanced Reboot
  • fixed FOD icon in keypad on lock screen
  • Add Applock from Paranoid Android
  • Add Show a bolt zap when charging in status bar
  • Add screen off FOD
  • New DeskClock
  • Add back delete action for the screen recorder notification
  • PixelPropsUtils: Add more apps
  • ScreenRecord: Improve low-quality screen record
  • Screen record: add blinking stop dot and low-quality options
  • SystemUI: change notification channel defaults
  • SystemUI: CaffeineTile: Fix crash for longClick result
  • screenrec: Save recordings in ScreenRecords
  • BrightnessController: Fix thread exception
  • Fix: “Clear All” recent app screen loop bug
  • SystemUI: Fix bug with user_setup_complete setting
  • Updated SQLite to 3.35.1
  • … and more small improvements

Device Changelog:

  • Fix wake and unlock with fingerprint


  • Always make an android backup, be safe.
  • Vanilla Version.


Flashing Steps



  • All Developers and Testers.

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