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AncientOS 5.2 R(11) For Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 X01BD

AncientOS 5.2 | Android 11 | beta3
for Asus Max Pro M2
Maintained by @Ahmedsk786

Build Variant: Vanilla
Build Version: 5.2 | Society Beta3
Build Date: 24 March 2021

Source Changelogs:

  • February Security
  • Redesign SystemUI and Settings
  • Added custom navbar layout
  • Added ambient music
  • Added turbo charging
  • Added tiles cpu info, fps, kill app, longshot, navigation bar
  • Added statusbar header image
  • Added disable/enable QS media player (default disable)
  • Added ios faceunlock animation
  • Added configure lockscreen media artwork blur level
  • Added data disable indicator
  • Added more qs clock
  • Added QS panel opacity
  • Added header image height configurable
  • Added text clock gradient (thanks @nabil_aba)
  • Added qs clock gradient style
  • Added tooltip and topad style
  • Added quick settings pull down with one finger
  • Added toggle to completely hide status bar on lockscreen
  • Added quick pulldown statusbar anywhere
  • Added fingerprint error vibration
  • Added sensor block packagelist
  • Added cutout force fullscreen
  • Added OTA App
  • Added ios toast notification
  • Added touch sensitive
  • Added custom carrier label
  • Added running service toogle
  • Added simple brightness style
  • Added simple QS bq style
  • Added OOS style notification clear all button (toggleable)
  • Added centre notification headers
  • Added Expandable stock volume slider
  • Fixed pulse visualizer crash when disable navbar
  • Fixed issue in security method
  • Fixed issue cannot allow permissions for app installed
  • Update PixelPropsUtils
  • Update Launcher
  • Improve ambient pulse
  • Improve notification header
  • Improve source

Device Changelogs :

  • common trees
  • enforcing
  • new zenparts
  • tons of kernel changes for which refer
  • ONEPLUS exclusive apps
  • one plus launcher
  • fixed lags bugs shits
  • fixed gps and more broken stuffs of previous builds…


  • Permissive build
  • Clean flash recommended
  • This is BETA build, so maybe there’s another bug on this build


Flashing Steps


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