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NezukoOS with Android 11 For Redmi Note 9 Pro (Joyeuse)

NezukoOS Release 1.3 “El Risitas”
For Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro by @a9ito

Source Changelog:

  • Add a fresh new user toggleable QS clock.
  • Add Android 12 and OxygenOS 11 QS tint options.
  • Add an option to tint brightness bar and icons alongside OOS 11 tint.
  • Fixed a bug where the text Settings wasn’t translated.
  • Fixed a bug where QS would go haywire while using RTL languages.
  • BT HD Audio Fix
  • Fixed permission grant dialogue text remaining pink, now it’s white on dark and black on the light. Looks pretty epic.
  • Add an option to hide the lock icon
  • Switch to notifications based Media Player from Q with our own little touch.
  • Add ShapeShift clock.
  • Added OnePlus Sans and OnePlus Sans Light fonts.
  • Added OnePlus Slate Light font.
  • Added Linotte font.
  • Removed Rosemary and Coolstory (fina-fucking-ally)
  • Add incall vibration customisations.
  • Import new Face Unlock.
  • Allow using Face Unlock as an auth method for apps.
  • Added OOS 11 volte icon.
  • Added Live Display.
  • Fixed a bug where the WiFi icon would get discoloured in Settings upon changing icon style.
  • Allow hiding gesture navigation back arrow.
  • Materialize toasts
  • Added BT timeout
  • Added option to instantly lock or lock apps in 15 seconds.
  • Screen recording preferences are now remembered and won’t be reset every time you record.
  • Updated Music App
  • And some more minor things.

Music app changelog:

  • Fresh new Now Playing Screen.
  • Allow users to ignore some folders to scan music from.
  • Now I know this isn’t a big update but I hope I could be excused, health issues stopped me from working as much as I usually do on the ROM.

Device Changelog:

  • Change source manifest to official
  • Moving from user debug to user build



  • Clean Flash Recommended.

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