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KangOS with Android 11 Redmi 7 (Onclite)

KangOS | Android R | Elixir | Official
Build Date : 01/06/21
Device : Redmi 7 | onclite
Maintainer : @NadinAlissa


Source Side:

KangOS-R | 2.1 | Elixir | Changelogs

  • A completely new implementation of Android S inspired QS is done.
  • Switches and SeekBars are present to control the opacity of QS stuff.
  • Settings HomePage is Completely Redesigned, thanks to Team Spice OS for the initial implementation.
  • Octavi Clock, Alt Clock and Java IDE Clock are introduced.
  • Storage, Dark Mode and Battery Meter Settings are completely redesigned, thanks to team ShapeShift OS.
  • Updated settings homepage card view and some lottie animations.
  • BouncyScroll is also implemented, thanks to team ShapeShift again.
  • 15 seconds App Lock is fixed now.
  • LawnChair Launcher is available as an option of the default launcher.
  • Switched to a New And Updated Gapps Package.
  • Rebased Sepolicy and Telephony Repos over LineageOS and merged the latest CAF tags into them.
  • User-Enforcing Builds will be shipped to most of the devices.
  • New wallpapers and boot animation is introduced thanks to @DarshanMevada and @kqixs.
  • Introduced toggles for coloured notification app icons.
  • Added option to manage screenshot quality.
  • Fixed a bug with a three-finger screenshot where the page scrolled instead of taking capturing a screenshot of the page.
  • Some more under the hood changes and optimisation.
  • Added support for Over Air (OTA) Updates.


  • Face unlock Added.
  • Security Patch update to the latest.
  • Fingerprint Animation Added(Settings>>Security>>Click on Setting Icon).
  • Rotation Angles added.
  • Vibration Pattern Improved.
  • Tweak to Improve Sound Quality & volume.
  • Navigation bar length modification option added.
  • System Theme Options:(Light, Transparent Clear, Google Dark, Pitch Black, Solarized Dark, Choco X, Baked Green, Dark Grey, Material Ocean).
  • 16 options to Change Lock Screen Clock Style.
  • New Font Options:(Noto Serif / Source Sans Pro, Aclonica, Amarante, Arvolato, Bariol, Cagliostro, CircularStd, ComicSans, Comfortaa, Cool Story, Exotwo, Fira Sans, Google Sans, LG Smart Gothic, Rosemary, Rubik, Samsung One, San Francisco Pro, OnePlus Slate, Sony Sketch, Storopia, Surfer, Ubuntu, Linotte).
  • Icon Shapes options: (Teardrop, Squircle, Rounded Rectangle, Cylinder, Hexagon).
  • Statusbar & QS Icons options: (Filled, Rounded, Circular).
  • QS Header Style options: (Grey, Light Grey, Accent Color, Transparent).
  • Switch Style options: (MD2,OnePlus,Telegram,Narrow,Contained,Retro,Stockish).
  • Option to Reset all themes.


  • Network Traffic Indicator(Option for status bar & Quick header,View Type (Upload+Download,Dynamic,Upload,Download,Both),Threshold Slider,Option to Hide Arrows,Indicator Font Size).
  • Brightness Controller by sliding finger in the status bar.
  • Old icon for Network Signal.
  • 4G icon option.
  • Data disable Option.
  • Roaming Indicator Disabled option.
  • Battery Icon styles(portrait, Circle, Dotted Circle, Big Circle, Big Dotted Circle, Solid, Hidden).
  • Battery percentage style.
  • Option for Clock Position.
  • Option for AM/PM.
  • Status Bar Icon Options.
  • New tint style (Really looks Awesome).
  • Option for Vibrate when touch tiles.
  • Brightness Slider (Always, Never or After expanding).
  • Option for Auto-Brightness Icon.
  • Option to disable QS in lock screen.
  • Advance Boot option (screenshot,off,restart,recovery,bootloader).
  • Option to wake the device by pressing Volume Keys.
  • Playback control with Volume keys.
  • Option to disable the power button on the Lock screen.
  • Option to show volume panel on left.
  • Option to Enable torch through the power button.
  • Volume panel {Option to change Volume panel style(AOSP, Compact, Oreo and tiled)}.
  • Option for Double to tap to sleep from Lock Screen.
  • Option for Double to tap to sleep from Statusbar.
  • Option for Translucent notifications background.
  • Option for Media Art & Music Visualizer.
  • Lockscreen Charging Info.
  • Weather on Lockscreen & Aod {Option to change update interval, Option to change Weather provider, Option to change Units, Option to select Custom Locations, Option to choose weather icon (7 Icons)}.
  • Edge lighting(Side Light or Pulse on Notifications) {Change light pulse colour, Set time out seconds for light, Set number of times for flashing, Option added to only show edge, light without notification box, Option to choose custom colour}.
  • Option to play sound & vibration for notifications while the screen is on.
  • Option to show the header in the notification shade.

Device Changelog:

  • Fixed internal audio in default screen recording
  • Disable WiFi display for now
  • Add support of Google Recorder
  • OPLAUNCHER Is Default Launcher
  • Removed Xiaomi Doze


  • Clean Flash Recommended.



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