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Fluid OS with Android 12 For Redmi Note 4/4x (Mido)

Android Version: 12(S)
Build Type: Enforcing & Non-Gapps
By: @kingsmanz

Source Changelog:

Fluid 2.0 Update

  • Initial Android 12 release
  • Merge changes from the old device tree
  • CTS passed

What’s Working:

  • RIL
  • Bluetooth
  • Fingerprint ( Fpc & Goodix )
  • Hotspot
  • USB
  • Cast

What’s not Working:

1) While using Multisim sim 2 data can’t be switched ON
2) Encryption (Not Tested)
3) ViLTE

Device Tree (over AEX):

  • Switched to QCRILD
  • updated perf blobs from thyme
  • imported XiaomiParts (Dirac, Torch Settings. Kcal, Ambient Display, Sound Control)
  • Dropped SoundTrigger
  • updated Drm (WideVine) from Crosshatch
  • Updated Dpm blobs from thyme
  • imported qspmhal from thyme
  • Switched to AOSP FM
  • Fixed Display flickering and glitches for some apps
  • Fixed Bluetooth Audio for Calls
  • Disabled Navbar by default
  • and many more small changes.

Kernel (over AEX):

  • Upstreamed to 4.9.291
  • Merged tag LA.UM.10.6.2.r1-00500-89xx.0 & LA.UM.10.3.r1-00500-sdm845.0
  • Changed kernel name to zLOS-Modified
  • Switched to Uclamp
  • pretty much so many minor improvements


  • Clean Flash is recommended.



  • All Developers and Testers.
  • Fluid OS Team
  • Zeelog


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