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Evolution X with Android 12 For Redmi Note 10 Pro/Max (Sweet)

Evolution X v6.0
Android: 12 (S)
Updated: 11/01/22
By: @bezke1


Evolution X v6.0 Snow:

  • Add missing Google Sans fonts in the system
  • DisplayDeviceRepository: Don’t spam log when display state changes
  • Evolver: Add ability to turn off Gaming macro when the screen is off
  • Evolver: Add Gaming Macro QS tile settings
  • Settings: Bring back Adaptive Playback
  • VolumeDialog: notifyVisible after the volume panel is fully hidden
  • vendor: Remove redundant Google Sans font overlay
  • BatteryMeterView: Fix NPE that occurs when onDensityOrFontScaleChanged() is called
  • Brightness slider: Use proper icon names
  • Evolver: Disable QS battery estimates by default
  • Settings: GestureTweaksSettings: fix after removing assistant from extended swipe options
  • Settings: Make ColorBucket overlays persistent across reboots
  • Settings: only set phone number if it’s not empty
  • Settings: Refactor Wifi Calling description text
  • Settings: SystemNavigationGestureSettings: fix back gesture edge insets resetting back when full-screen gestures is enabled
  • SystemUI: NotificationShadeWindowViewController: initialize all the settings variables (fixes dt2w on doze)
  • base: fix list-style alert dialog to use system font
  • base: set alert dialog message to use system font
  • overlays: Add an OxygenOS icon pack
  • Change protocol from IPV6 to IP for Telus
  • MediaDataManager: use a safe cast to avoid NPE
  • PixelPropUtils: Update redfin fp to January 2022
  • SystemUI: Apply monet to fingerprint authentication ripple animation
  • SystemUIGoogle: Add HIGH_SAMPLING_RATE_SENSORS permission for columbus
  • Update SystemUIGoogle
  • Update overlays from SQ1A.220105.002
  • WifiDisplaySource: allow overriding max wfd resolution with prop
  • build: Always use release-keys
  • common: allow media server to get media_wfd_prop
  • fixup! Ambient music: pulse on new music tracks and Now Playing info
  • Evolver: allow toggling location privacy indicator
  • Evolver: Port brightness slider changes
  • Settings: Bring back ColorBucket
  • Settings: DarkMode: Improve DarkMode/ColorBucket handling
  • SystemUI: allow devices to override audio panel location
  • graphics: Override system fonts with user-selected overlays
  • libs: PipTaskOrganizer: do not start fade-out animation for pip if surface control leash is null
  • services: WindowOrientationListener: bail out if rotation resolver service instance is null
  • Advanced nav gestures: improve code and fix glitches
  • Allow back swipe on bottom screen if the launcher is showing
  • Allow extended/”L” back swipe to trigger actions/app/activities
  • BatteryMeterView: fix NPE when changing the scale factor
  • Extended swipe: show a double arrow when almost triggered
  • LongSwipeGestures: Vibrate on the action if gesture haptic feedback enabled
  • SystemUI: Mute a rare SystemUI crash in NavigationBarView
  • BatteryMeterView: Remove the icon view if we are not using it
  • Evolver: Move Ambient Music Ticker to the Settings app
  • Fix net traffic view being white on QQS Header
  • InputMethodUtils: Fix system boot loop when no IME is found
  • Restore cache clean up code in PackageManagerService
  • SystemUI: Add missing initial call to update resources in brightness mirror
  • SystemUI: Remove unused resources
  • ThemeOverlayApplier: Catch a potential NPE
  • gms: grant gms WRITE_DEVICE_CONFIG permission
  • gms: Don’t include prebuilt YouTube and YT Music
  • gms: Include Adaptive charging sysconfig
  • Camera: Ignore torch status update for aux or composite camera
  • CompositionEngine: Request device composition for the Udfps touched layer
  • Evolver: Add Vivo X60 Pro VoLTE Icon
  • Evolver: Allow user to disable night light on FOD
  • Evolver: Forward-port notification counters
  • SystemUI: Hide clock in qqs header base: Edit to match with current property
  • camera: Skip HFR checks for privileged apps

Device changes:

  • Initial Build.


  • Clean Flash Recommended.




  • All Developers and Testers.
  • @Ba_Sh_ArAt



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