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DerpFest with Android 12 For Redmi Note 6 Pro (Tulip)

DerpFest | Official
Android: 12 (S)
Device: Redmi Note 6 Pro (tulip)
Maintainer: @wayneegds
Build Date: 18 January 2022

Rom Changelog:

DerpFest 12 – Android 12:

  • Merge January Security Patch
  • Merge tag ‘android-12.0.0_r27’
  • Add DerpFest Updater
  • Port Ambient Now Playing container from Pixel
  • Add Ambient instead of lock screen on wake gestures switch
  • Add Adaptive Playback
  • Add toggle to force small lock screen lock
  • Add SettingsIntelligenceGooglePrebuilt (needed for power usage feature)
  • Settings: Import PowerUsageFeatureGoogle
  • Settings: Implement RoutinesActionBroadcastReceiver
  • Add Google Flipendo prebuilt (aka Extreme Battery Saver)
  • Add flipendo to Battery Saver tile
  • Require unlocking to use Internet quick tile
  • Update some permission drawables
  • Vectorize statsysdata_usb
  • DerpSpaceTile: Make default state active
  • VPN tile: Collapse panel when opening the app
  • ScreenshotTile: Use the secondary label to indicate mode
  • Use a secondary label for language QS tile
  • AntiFlickerTile: Fix error in handleRefreshState
  • Add Pixel Navbar animation toggle for three-button mode
  • Remove Arrow keys while typing option
  • Remove second option to hide gesture navigation handle (with ime kept thing)
  • Allow disabling ripple effect on unlock
  • Allow disabling Night Light on FOD
  • Match brightness slider track height with the progress drawable
  • Make volume panel look-alike brightness slider
  • Add an option to enable/disable the power menu on the secure lock screen
  • AdvancedReboot: Add a button to restart SystemUI
  • Battery Styles: Fix landscape battery size
  • Battery Styles: Fix percentage view on landscape battery
  • Battery Styles: Set proper battery style on init
  • IdleManager: Add more processes and shorten the timeout
  • Fix black qqs on keyguard in light theme
  • Make QS brightness slider animation more subtle
  • Add missing initial call to update resources in brightness mirror
  • Unify screenshot and record corner dimens
  • Fix issue with black-white
  • radial-gradient patten in the notification panel background
  • ColorUtils: Prevent crash if the alpha component is translucent
  • VolumeDialog: notifyVisible after the volume panel is fully hidden
  • VolumeDialogControllerImpl: Stop log spam with no caption service
  • MediaDataManager: Use a safe cast to avoid NPE
  • DisplayDeviceRepository: Don’t spam log when display state changes
  • Pulse: Add more NPE checks
  • SystemNavigationGestureSettings: Fix back gesture edge insets resetting back when fullscreen gestures is enabled
  • Settings: Fix edit menu icon tint in several preferences
  • Check out APNs to LA.QSSI.12.0.r1-05100-qssi.0
  • GameSpaceManager: Handle various case against the “locking screen” scenario
  • ThemePicker: Bring back icon pack customization
  • ThemePicker: Implement coloring in wallpaper preview fragment
  • DerpLauncher: Implement Recent Apps locking
  • DerpLauncher: Add restart action on the options menu
  • DerpLauncher: Move the developer option to the options menu
  • DerpLauncher: Allow disabling workspace edit
  • DerpLauncher: Cleanup unused SwipeDownGesture code
  • DerpLauncher: Update device profiles display option
  • DerpLauncher: Fix hotseat icon number on 4×5 profile
  • DerpLauncher: Fixup OnGlobalLayoutListener usage on Quickspace
  • DerpSpace: Move pulse on new tracks to ambient ui fragment
  • AmbientUI: Add missing German translations
  • DerpSpace: Add Chinese translations

Device Changelog:

  • Mystic kernel upstreamed to 4.4.299
  • Source updated


  • 4.4 Kernel
  • GApps Included




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