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CrDroid with Android 11 For Redmi Note 5/Plus (Vince)

New crDroid update for Redmi 5 Plus/Redmi Note 5

  • Codename: vince
  • crDroid version: 7.13
  • Build date: 20220105
  • Maintainer: Ruturaj Kadam

Highlights & Device Specific Changes:

Build type: Monthly
Device: Redmi Note 5/Plus (Vince)
Device maintainer: Ruturaj Kadam

Source Changelog:

crDroid v7.13

  • Updated to crDroid 7.13 code
  • Updated to security patch level 2021.12.05
  • Synced with latest sources
  • Updated translations
  • Updated kernel

Device Changelog:

  • Switched to AOSP FM radio packages (fixes FM)
  • Hide Magisk a bit better
  • Better stability on GPS
  • Use sunfish cpu sets (might improve performance a tiny bit)
  • Kernel upstreamed from 4.9.285 to 4.9.295
  • Import a new thermal engine config (thanks to @Ghostmaster69-dev)
  • Updated surface-flinger properties
  • FPS tile now works, thanks to @notallowedontelegram
  • Updated and added Google Pixel 6 Pro (raven) fingerprint to Dec patch
  • Disabled wallpaper zooming in, causes some lag issues. (modified in next update)


  • Clean flash recommended


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