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Corvus OS with Android 12 For Poco M3/Redmi 9 Power/Redmi 9T/Redmi 9T NFC/Redmi Note 9 4G (Juice)

Corvus OS v3.0 | Revenant | Official | Android 12L
Build Date: 24-05-2022
Device: Poco M3 / Redmi 9T | juice
Maintainer: @nobara10


Source Side:

Corvus OS v3.0 – Revenant

  • Merged May 2022 Security Patch – android-12.1.0_r5
  • Revamped new M3 designed Wallpaper app (RavenWalls)*
  • Revamped new M3 designed Corvus support app + OTA (RavenDesk)*
  • Added new GameSpace from chaldeaprjkt*
  • Added system wide App Lock
  • Added Face Unlock
  • Fixup in PixelProps
  • Added Touch Gestures
  • Gamespace: Added toggle to disable gestures


  • Changed search bar style
  • Fixed App icons getting cropped below the search bar
  • Add toggle to set a translucent background to the app dock on the home screen
  • Removed extra bottom space in the app dock
  • Include toggle for enabling taskbar
  • Include toggle for enabling grid-style recent
  • Implement the ability to hide apps and open them without having to unhide them again
  • Add bottom sheet app info style
  • Add support for custom icon packs and per-app icon pack
  • Redesign available RAM view
  • Import more themed icons
  • Re-organized custom settings
  • Add toggle to enable recent apps scrolling haptic feedback (applicable to devices with new haptic motors)
  • Follow system fonts throughout the launcher settings


  • Added Pavlova UI icon pack
  • Added ability to take white luminance to 0. This created a pitch-black theme with linear lightness enabled


  • Redesigned Corvus version bottom sheet panel
  • Revamped category style
  • Improvements to collapsing toolbar


  • Added System-wide blur support if the blur is enabled
  • Increased blur radius to provide a better system blur effect
  • Disable the wallpaper zoom effect
  • Ignore screen decorations in screenshots (screen radius does not appear in screenshots)
  • Implemented Kdragon’s blur implementation from A11 (Less aggressive with lossless quality)


  • Fix wrong tinting of status bar icons
  • Add toggle to show VoLTE icon
  • Add toggle to show 4G icon instead of LTE
  • Add toggle for small network icon
  • Add toggle for roaming indicator
  • Add toggle to disable data disabled icon
  • Add toggle for combined signal icon
  • privacy: Added toggle to disable location/camera privacy indicators
  • Ability to show notification count
  • Ability to toggle between colored status bar app icons
  • Fixup! Colour-coded battery indicator to remain green from 100% as it remained white until the battery per cent went below 85%
  • Add the ability to block more status bar icons from status bar items

Quick Settings

  • Ability to adjust panel opacity
  • Improvements to FPS info overlay


  • Make smart space info to follow system fonts
  • Added support to show charging info
  • UDFPS: Added back icons/animation support
  • Added face unlock icon animation


  • Added Reticker and app colored reticker


  • Ability to set the increasing ring volume
  • Custom ringtone vibration pattern
  • Ability to control In-Call vibrations
  • Per-app volume control
  • Add option to cycle through ringer modes

Volume Panel

  • Redesigned volume panel
  • Bring in the expandable volume panel
  • Ability to adjust notification sounds
  • Added volume percentage text
  • Added config to switch volume panel location


  • Add option for forcing full-screen apps
  • Fix slow fingerprint response
  • Address various system-wide NPE and fixups
  • Added support for legacy WFD display options
  • Whitelist permissions and add permissions for device configs
  • Fix speech service force close in google setup wizard (GApps build)
  • Add signature spoofing
  • Add ability to select Vulkan renderer in dev options
  • Source side addition for Sepolicy denials, HAL updates, Bluetooth and Wifi improvements
  • More miscellaneous improvements and fixes on the source side

Device Changelog:

  • Bump to May 2022 Security Patch
  • Shipped with Juice-Bengal Kernel
  • More Bug Fixes and Improvements


  • Clean Flash Recommended.




  • For Testers and Developers.


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