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Cherish OS with Android 12 For Redmi Note 8 Pro (Begonia)

Cherish OS Update for Redmi Note 8 Pro

  • Device: Redmi Note 8 Pro (begonia)
  • Maintainer: @bishwofic
  • Version: 3.7.5 | OFFICIAL
  • Android : 12L
  • Build date: 21/05/2022

Rom Changelog:

Changelog v3.7.5 20/05/2022

  • Added 9 more battery styles
  • Added 14 New VoLTE icons
  • Added 2 wifi and mobile signal icon styles
  • Added toggle for unlimited photos storage
  • Added toggle for GamesProp
  • Added toggle for StreamProp
  • Added 2 layouts in settings
  • Added suppress notifications sound/vibration if the screen is ON
  • Added Game Space support
  • Showed notification row when it’s unlinked to ringer volume
  • Hidden Google Games Dashboard
  • Fixed the problem with the location
  • Exported RecordingService for External Usage
  • Fixed power menu light/dark theme switching
  • Fixed the blur not work
  • Updated some theme icons
  • Updated translation from crowdin
  • Improve other systems

Device Changelog:

  • ANX Camera Removed.
  • Sync with Latest Sources – Cherish 3.7.5.
  • Added more SELinux Security Policies.
  • Disabled Blur on App opening.
  • Removed a ton of useless props.
  • Optimising Battery Backup, Performance and Smoothness.
  • Fixed saving gesture settings in Begonia Parts.
  • Fixed Dolby Atmos on SELinux Enforcing. (Dolby itself is not included)
  • Fixed Temperature Display in CPU monitor.
  • Properly disabled NFC on Begoniain units.
  • USB Audio Policy was replaced with the correct one from the system side.
  • Maybe fixed scrolling lags in Twitter, and Google Chrome.
  • Fixed background display feature crash during to the wrong SEPolicy.
  • Fixed saving the vibration strength value on reboot in Begonia Parts.
  • Fixed scrolling lags in YouTube when viewed in 1080p.
  • IMS Service replaced with APK from PE+, VoWIFI fixed.
  • Disabled network settings provider. (fixes sim card bugs)
  • Integrated some parts of NLSound for MTK
  • Disabling deep sound buffer for media
  • Expansion of bit-rate range for many channels to 24/32 bit
  • Expansion of sound frequency range for many channels
  • Enabling HI-FI for headphones
  • Enabling some audio features hidden in Device Features
  • Other audio enhancements
  • Added MTK PQ (MTK HDR) switch to Begonia Parts.
  • Added Thermal Driver switch to Begonia Parts.
  • Added USB fast-charge switch to Begonia Parts.
  • Switching Priv-App control mode to Enforcing.
  • Generate Priv-App permissions for MTK Engineering Mode.
  • Added Camera and YGPS sections to MTK Engineering Mode.
  • Added advanced backend of the C2 for other Codecs.
  • Include in build android OMX HALs. (codecs backend)
  • Removed incorrect Audio Pre-processing Effects. Less LogSpam, more Sound Stability.
  • Removed incorrect Audio Parameters. Less LogSpam, more Sound Stability.
  • Mi Audio changed to MTK BesSound. Less LogSpam, more Sound Stability.
  • Changed Bluetooth AVRCP version to 1.5 by default, fixes connection breakdowns with older BT Devices.
  • Disable Remote Keyguard Animation via prop. (fixed lag when unlocking the phone)
  • Minor Fixes & Improvements.



  • Clean flash recommended.



  • For All Developers and Testers.


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