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Cherish OS with Android 12 For Redmi 7/Y3 (Onclite)

Cherish OS Update for Redmi 7/Y3

  • Device: Redmi 7/Y3 (onc/onclite)
  • Maintainer: Jᴀᴄᴋ
  • Version: 3.1 | OFFICIAL
  • Android: 12
  • Build date: 10/11/2021

Rom Changelog:

Changelog v3.1 08/11/2021:

  • Updated to November Security Patch
  • Fixed Ripple animation for side FP devices
  • Fixed issue with back gesture height and sensitivity values reset with the reboot
  • Fixed IME flickering when swiping out to home
  • Fixed net traffic view being white on QQS Header
  • Fixed dump deadlock in display
  • Fixed half black wallpaper after rotating quickly
  • Improvements in Notification lights customization
  • Improvements in Volte Icon list
  • Added Battery light Customization
  • Added battery bar
  • Added less boring heads-up option
  • Added kill button to notification guts
  • Added Custom Carrier Label & Carrier Label Placement options
  • Added option to adjust back gesture height
  • Added support for runtime toggle
  • Added navbar layout inversion tuning
  • Added old-style mobile data indicators
  • Added Data switch tile
  • Added tile to show volume panel
  • Added VPN tile
  • Added Reboot/Recovery QS tile
  • Added mono audio tile
  • Added Google Sound Search tile
  • Added music, compass tiles
  • Added dash charging support
  • Added toggle to enable/disable charging animation
  • Added battery styles – Circle, Circle Dotted, Circle Filled, Text and Hidden
  • Added hiding call strength icons
  • Added Monet settings in cherish settings
  • Improve other systems

Device Changelog:

  • SELinux status is Enforcing
  • SafetyNet passes out of the box
  • Vanilla & GApps build
  • WFD works
  • TWRP doesn’t support decryption, for now, flash DFE to completely remove encryption (optional)


  • Clean flash recommended.




  • For All Developers and Testers.


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