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Cherish OS with Android 12 For Realme 5 Pro/Q (RMX1971)

Cherish OS Update for Realme 5 Pro

  • Device: Realme 5 Pro (RMX1971)
  • Maintainer: @kssrao13882
  • Version: 3.7.5 | OFFICIAL
  • Android: 12L
  • Build Type: Vanilla
  • Build date: 23/05/2022

Rom Changelog:

Changelog v3.7.5 20/05/2022

  • Added 9 more battery styles
  • Added 14 New VoLTE icons
  • Added 2 wifi and mobile signal icon styles
  • Added toggle for unlimited photos storage
  • Added toggle for GamesProp
  • Added toggle for StreamProp
  • Added 2 layouts in settings
  • Added suppress notifications sound/vibration if the screen is ON
  • Added Game Space support
  • Showed notification row when it’s unlinked to ringer volume
  • Hidden Google Games Dashboard
  • Fixed the problem with the location
  • Exported RecordingService for External Usage
  • Fixed power menu light/dark theme switching
  • Fixed the blur not work
  • Updated some theme icons
  • Updated translation from crowdin
  • Improve other systems

Device Changelog:

  • Native video calling fixed
  • Enabled Blur
  • Default screen out time set to 15 Sec
  • Disabled blur on app launch
  • Gapps Build ships with the latest Pixel Mod Launcher 8.4 (Thanks @Team Files)
  • Gapps Build ships with aosp dialer by default
  • Upstreamed Kharame kernel to latest 4.9.315
  • Safetynet passes by default
  • Updated CNE, Radio Blobs from RUI2
  • Updated IImsRadio HAL to the latest version 1.6
  • Updated QtiRadio version to 2.5
  • Updated IRTPService to 3.0
  • Updated DPM, IMS, and RIL system blobs
  • Upreved radio interfaces
  • Changed Dalvik-heap config to 4gb


  • Clean flash recommended.




  • For All Developers and Testers.


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