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Cherish OS with Android 12 For OnePlus 8T/9R

Cherish OS Update for Oneplus 8T/9R

  • Device: Oneplus 8T/9R (kebab/lemonades)
  • Maintainer: @Viper_1057
  • Version: 3.4.5 | OFFICIAL
  • Android : 12
  • Build date: 21/02/2022

Rom Changelog:

Changelog v3.4.5 (21/02/2022)

  • Added Face unlock
  • Added App lock
  • Switched to Nexus Kernel for better performance (4.9.302 v1)
  • Updated Lawnchair launcher to latest release

Changelog v3.4 11/02/2022

  • Updated Feb Security Patch
  • Added support per-app volume
  • Added User toggle for streaming apps
  • Added 2 more VoLTE icons
  • Added User toggle for unlimited ph0t0s storage
  • Added Partial Screenshot action
  • Added Power menu action
  • Added Skip/Previous Song Function
  • Added Black theme
  • The added Bluetooth timeout feature
  • The added Wi-Fi timeout feature
  • Added capability to allow tethering to use VPN upstream
  • Added support for allowing/disallowing apps on cellular, VPN and wifi networks
  • Added Volume Long Press Skip Tracks
  • Added option Cloudflare and AdGuard DNS provider
  • Added LTE only setting
  • Added Graphene Camera prebuilt
  • Added pocket lock toggle
  • Added Android 12L style Internet and Screenrecord dialogs
  • Power menu fixes
  • Removed excess margin from data saver icon
  • Implement cutout force fullscreen
  • Fixed brightness slider curve for some devices
  • Fixed method for disabling unlock ripple animation
  • Fixed net traffic view being white on QQS Header
  • Fixed issue where pill disappears in gestural mode
  • Fixed NFC animation background
  • Fixed reset overlay after reboot
  • Updated NFC tile drawable
  • Updated sepolicy from caf
  • Updated translation from crowdin
  • Improved code for time spent in app
  • Improve BT QTI
  • Improve other systems

Device Changelog

  • Inbuilt OnePlus OOSCam, Gallery, Dolby and DeviceSettings
  • SafetyNet passes by default
  • Enforcing Build


  • Clean Flash is recommended.
  • There are generally two ways to flash any ROMs on any device. Clean flash and dirty flash. If you’re coming from any other roms or OOS11, do clean flash. If you were using an older version of the same rom build, you may flash dirty build.
  • Make sure you have OOS11 updated to the latest firmware/update!




  • For All Developers and Testers.


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