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CrDroid with Android 13 For OnePlus 9 (Lemonade)

New crDroid update for OnePlus 9

  • Codename: lemonade
  • crDroid version: 9.0
  • Build date: 20221111
  • Maintainer: Lup Gabriel

Highlights & Device Specific Changes:

  • Build type: Alpha
  • Device: OnePlus 9 (lemonade)
  • Device maintainer: Lup Gabriel (gwolfu)


crDroid v9.0:

  • Added hidden network support for hotspot
  • Added connected devices manager for hotspotv
  • Some more improvements to hotspot
  • Removed notification clear all icon/bg styles (useless)
  • Launcher: added themed icons support
  • Launcher: some more small changes here and there as well as fixes
  • Added more DNS providers to private DNS
  • Reworked bootanimation
  • Rebased Updater
  • Updater: corrected changelog URL
  • Updated Aperture (Camera)
  • Updated Chromium Webview to 107.0.5304.91
  • Updated libcore
  • Updated translations




  • Clean flash recommended


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