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Ancient OS with Android 12 For Redmi 6 Pro (Sakura)

Ancient OS V6.2 | Android 12
for Redmi 6 Pro (sakura)
Maintained by @Soumyajitpaul007

  • Build Variant: Gapps | Vanilla
  • Build Version: 6.2 | Steel
  • Build Date: 01-03-2022

Source Changelogs:

Ancient OS 6.2 | Android 12

  • Import of Face Unlock for S 
  • Support Per-App volume
  • Introduce app lock
  • Add charging vibration settings
  • Move Extra Dim feature to Display
  • Toggle for Unlimited google photos storage
  • Fix deadlock issue. 
  • Move ambient stuff to vendor 
  •  Android 13 inspired Media Output Picker 
  • Overlay backgrounds for SystemUI QS Dialogs 
  • Android 12L style Internet and Screenrecord dialogs 
  • Add more icon shape overlays 
  • Fix for google backup and restore 
  •  Applock: disable for work profile apps
  • Tell user when face unlock detection is running
  • Allow our face unlock to be used on third-party apps
  • Allow using vibration without sounds 
  • Added back OTA support
  • Fix Extreame Battery saver crash
  • Implement background process killer
  • Implement GMS killer
  • fixup! Allow user to disable night light on FOD
  • Allow toggling screen off fod
  •  User toggle for StreamProp
  • AncientSettings: User toggle for GamesProp
  •  Add VoLTE icon from Motorola
  •  Update SwitchPreference for CPU overlay toggle
  • Many more misc improvements & fixes.

Device Changelogs :

  • sakura: Disable TTS force stop warning 
  • sakura: wifi: Reduce battery drain
  • sakura: enable multiple vibration intensities support 
  • sakura: disable blur on applaunch 
  • sakura: Update build fingerprint/desc from raven [FEB] 
  • sakura: overlay: Disable slow blur effect to avoid laggish blur effect
  • sakura: parts: Add back deprecated strings 
  • sakura: Add rounded corner padding overlays fixes privacy indicator
  • sakura: overlay: Don’t use all-caps text for buttons 
  • sakura: target supports face unlock
  • sakura: overlay: Disable DoubleTap Power Gesture 
  • Hotseat searchbar in launcher fir pixeltype finish in vanilla build
  • Better Themed Icons in Vanilla build
  • Add kill action to app shortcuts popup in launcher3 recents
  • Double tap on home screen to turn off screen in launcher3
  • Custom seekbar for icon sizes in launcher3


  • Clean flash must
  • Flash Flame Gapps for the vanilla version




  • For All Developers and Testers.
  • Thanks to @prlmkftw for kernel source
  • Thanks to @Manasroxx & @SenjuHashirama01 for testing


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