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Project Sakura with Android 11 For OnePlus Nord (Avicii)

New Update for OnePlus Nord 5G (Avicii) is here!
by HMTheBoy154

  • Version: 5.2
  • Date: 2021/10/13
  • Variant: Vanilla

Highlights & Device Specific Changes:

  • Build type: Monthly
  • Device: Oneplus Nord 5G (avicii)
  • Device maintainer: HMTheBoy154
  • Android Version: 11

Source Changelog:

Project Sakura Changelog v5.2 01/10/2021:

  • October Security Patch Update.
  • Fixed SafetyNet failing for most users
  • Redesigned QS Media player
  • September Patch
  • Fixed one-shot auto brightness

Device Changelog:

  • Merged latest October patch
  • Using new source built a kernel with some changes like :
    • DT2W
    • NFC fixed
    • Latest kona/11.0.0 CAF tag merged (LA.UM.9.12.r1-13200-SMxx50.0)
    • Updated simple_lmk
    • Wireguard
    • Westwood TCP Congestion, BBR is the 2nd choice.
    • Compile with crDroid clang 12.0.7 LTO Polly optimization.
  • Fixed choosing refresh rate (both min/max) not showing up.
  • Lineage’s Gallery got replaced with OneplusGallery (preparing to port OneplusCamera soon)
  • z-order FOD combining with the new source-built kernel fixed a lot of problems relate to FOD.
  • Fixed WARP Charging not visible.



  • Clean Flash Recommended.


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