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Pixel Plus UI with Android 13 For Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 (X00TD)

Pixel Plus UI OFFICIAL update is now available for
Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 (X00TD) by NotHarshhaa

  • Build Version: v5.0
  • Build Type: Gapps
  • Build Date: 23-10-2022
  • Build Status: Stable

Source Changelog:

Pixel Plus UI OFFICIAL v5.0:

  • Initial Android 13 Stable release with October Security patch
  • CTS Passes by default and banking apps are working fine
  • Settings: PPUI: Redesign our Firmware information
  • Added our new designed Pixelizer
  • Settings: Adapt new layout in rest settings
  • Pixelizer: Global Actions with Advanced Reboot
  • Pixelizer: Double tap to sleep on the lock screen
  • Pixelizer: Double tap to sleep on the status bar
  • System UI: Use Monet colors for the power menu
  • base: Add three-fingers-swipe to screenshot
  • Settings Lib: Update the LTE+/4G+ icon as per the new Silk design
  • Pixelizer: Lock Screen Charging Info(Support Warp, Turbo, VOOC Super Dart Chargers)
  • Pixelizer: Network Traffic Customizations
  • Pixelizer: Added Options to Resize Network Traffic Font Size
  • Pixelizer: Add Option to Disable Secure Window
  • Pixelizer: Added Custom Clock Options
  • Pixelizer: Add StatusBar icon tuner
  • Pixelizer: Add Flashlight blink on incoming calls
  • Launch the default music player on the headset and connect
  • Allow flashing on call only when entirely silent
  • Add Black, Clear, vivid, Paint In the Snow, and Espresso themes
  • Allow using 4G icon instead LTE
  • Pixelizer: Bring back old-style mobile data indicators Toggle
  • Pixelizer: Make New QS Footer background translucent
  • Added Per App Volume
  • Show the vibrate icon in the Status Bar by default
  • Add volume key music control
  • Add Swipe To Screenshot implementation from MIUI
  • Make Panels show in the center
  • Added Blur in panels (Optional)
  • Add status bar NFC icon
  • Use Monet colors for the power menu
  • PixelPropsUtils: Update from October patch
  • Configurable audio panel location
  • Added Alert Slider Notification
  • Pixelizer: Added Battery Icon Customizations
  • Make battery & clock clickable again in QuickStatusBarHeader
  • Add Mobile Data and Bluetooth panel
  • Add proximity check on wake
  • Added Pixel Stand Support
  • Misc changes
  • Much More, Try by yourself

Device Changelog

  • Updated FP to Raven October 2022
  • Updated to latest PixelPlusUI 5.0 Source
  • props: don’t latch unsignal buffers
  • props: Use threaded GLES render engine
  • Removed activity recognition libs
  • Upreved framework compatibility matrix to 2.0
  • doze: Include SettingsLib in static libraries
  • Migrated to AIDL ClearKey DRM HAL
  • Dropped config_setColorTransformAccelerated
  • Added IOP blobs from SLD_sprout
  • Disabled alpha compositing in WM
  • Imported stock Dalvik heap overrides
  • Some misc implementations & improvements
  • CTS passed by default
  • ROM is NON-FBE & LV build


  • Clean Flash Recommended.




  • All Developers and Testers.


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