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OxygenOS Ported 10.3.8 For Realme 3 Pro/X Lite

OxygenOS Ported from OnePlus 7T Stable 10.3.8 is Up for Realme 3 Pro!

By @zaxceed & @NexusHacker


  • Dolby Audio has been fixed
  • Added Rice Mod ( Don’t expect every feature to be working)
  • Added McLaren Theme
  • Offline charging is also fixed (Thanks to @Shra1V32)
  • No lags in chrome and hanging issue in SafetyNet issues
  • Some other small changes


  • 1- Do not turn on 3 finger swipe gesture for screen shot when you want to play games.
  • 2- For magisk flash magisk 20.3 or newer in custom recovery then after booting up , turn on magisk hide option in magisk app settings else CTS profile won’t pass.( No need to install any magisk hide prop modules
  • 3- Use sound tile app for changing ringer modes. And make sure to turn off battery optimisation for the app.
  • 4- after using any otg device restart your device to avoid bugs.
  • 5- if you are unable to recieve notification from apps like instagram then turn on magisk hide for those apps and clear data and relogin.
  • 6- if games like pubg crashes often then it’s due to magisk , turn on magisk hide for those apps.
  • 7- Flash custom kernel if you face any performance or battery issues.
  • 8- Data switch qs tile is bugged ( switch data from settings app instead).
  • Happy Flashing!

Flashing Guide:

  1. Reboot to your Custom Recovery
  2. Flash OOS OP7T Stable_System Zip
  3. Flash OOS OP7T Stable Vendor Zip
  4. Format Data
  5. Flash magisk 20.3 (Later update it 21.4)
  6. Reboot to System

Read the Important Notes!


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@BhatSahab @itsseezy
@amog787 @AJ17H @Shra1V32
@Juniiim @NeFeroN @Jojixavier

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