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OctaviOS v2.1 R(11) For Realme X RMX1901

OctaviOS Official Android 11

• Device: Realme X (RMX1901)
• OctaviOS Version: 2.1
• Maintainer: @BaabuBhaiyaa
• Build Type: GApps
• Build Date: 12/03/2021


Source Side:

  • Merged March Security Patch
  • Added MIUI Type Headers In Settings
  • Added GVisual Mod
  • Added Option for Gesture Bar Radius
  • Added Sensor block package list configurable
  • Added AboutUs App (Check-in System)
  • Added Smart Pixels
  • Reimplemented FOD Commits
  • Added Few More FOD Icons
  • Fixed PowerOff Torch Completely
  • Fixed Bubble Crash Issue
  • Added FPS Info Tile
  • Added CPU Info Tile
  • Fixed NetworkTraffic Indicator on Light Theme
  • Updated DND, Aeroplane, Hotspot, and few status bar Icons
  • Fixed Issues With VoWifi Icons
  • Added Option for Gesture Bar Radius
  • Fixed Crash on Receiving Notification on Ambient Display
  • Improved Notification Header Toggle
  • Added Option to Swipe up for Face Unlock
  • Fixed Old Mobile Type Icon
  • Added Long Press Header Date to access the calendar
  • Added Long Press Header clock to access Clock App
  • Reverted Use App Icon instead of md2 icon on status bar
  • Added InCall Vibration Options

Device Side:

  • Kernel upstreamed to latest android sources
  • Merged latest CAF tag
  • Switched to Redfin’s March Fingerprint
  • improved stability
  • fixed bootloop after restart
  • +69 more changes




  • All Developers and Testers.

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