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KangOS v2.0 R(11) For Redmi K20 Pro/Mi 9T Pro Raphael

KangOS Official v2.0 Stout | Android R
Updated: 08/04/’21
Device : Raphael | Redmi K20Pro


Source Changelog:

KangOS-R | 2.0 | Stout | Changelogs

Source Additions:

  • Merge April 2021 Security Patches (android-11.0.0_r34).
  • Switch to Pixel Experience’s new FaceUnlock Implementations. ( Thanks to @jhenrique09 )
  • Implement AOSPA AppLock. ( Thanks to team AOSPA )
  • Imported Volume Icons From OOS11.
  • Redesigned switches and toggles as per FluidOS.
  • Added ShapeShiftOS’s OOS lookalike lock screen clock.
  • Merged Spanish, Russian and Br Portuguese Translations Into Our Kangies Lab and Theme App.
  • MNML Box clock: Make background transparent.
  • Make QS DataSwitchTile behave like OOS.
  • Improve strings for reboot/power off etc.
  • Improve volume panel extraction/contraction animations.
  • Updated FaceUnlock Animations on lockscreen and Settings.
  • AOD: Sleep when proximity is covered for 3 secs
  • Allow FaceUnlock as an authentication method for apps.
  • Added some more font styles, icon shapes, themes and clocks.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bug on High Contrast Text.
  • fixup! Add a long screenshot chip.
  • ScreenRecord: Improve low-quality screen record.
  • Fix VibratorService constant values, HALs and format for OnePlus devices.
  • Fix black screen issue due to wallpaper decoding exceptions.
  • SystemUI: fix NPE on ExpandableNotificationRow.
  • Fix issues with wake lock.
  • Some QS Panel Improvements.
  • Fixed wierd glitch in kece under themes.

Device Changelog:

  • Fixed Wired Mic
  • Shipping MotoDolby V3 in the ROM
  • Some more audio issue dealt with
  • Nuked Mi Dirac + FX, also shifted back to default audio configs,i hope call recording is back noow.
  • Smart Charging Fixed.
  • Nuked Music and Audio FX
  • Kernel Is that .226 with caf values
  • -Addressed Denails
  • Dolby Sepolicy Addressed, so any dolby mods should work.Out of the box.(atleast it does for me!)
  • NUKED Fod dim layers
  • Some log spams got worked with.
  • User builds and not userdebug builds.
  • Iorap ON explicitly
  • Boot Time Decreased (kind)
  • If i have time and HEART, MIUI vendor may be pushed. But probably it wont be.


  • Always make a Nand Backup. Be safe.
  • Uses oss vendor & immensity kernel.


  • Customization Section – Here
  • Theming & Features Section – Here


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