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Get Android 12 For Poco X3 (Surya/Karna)

Android Open Source Project
Android: 12 (S)
Released: 29/11/’21


  • Merged November 2021 security patch (12.0.0_r13)
  • Switched to user builds instead of userdebug
  • Added support for Google Play system updates
  • Updated kernel to latest CAF tag and new optimizations
  • Updated MIUI blobs from V12.5.4.0.RJGMIXM
  • Fixed wifi and bluetooth MAC address
  • Fixed SIM option disappearing after turning off SIM
  • Prevent auto brightness from going too low
  • Fixed content-based refresh rate (60Hz in netflix etc)
  • Fixed Live Captions and recents text selection
  • Added Quick Tap gesture from pixels
  • Added option for proximity check on wake
  • Enabled back Android 12 settings provider model
  • Align lockscreen statusbar with normal statusbar
  • Switched to stock notch cutout configuration
  • Optimized dexpreopt to improve apps performance
  • Switched to FUSE passthrough for faster /storage
  • Improved thermal and touch profiles in xiaomi parts
  • Added new Pixel 6 wallpapers (static and live)
  • Added Extreme Battery Saver from pixels
  • Added new Security Hub from Pixel 6
  • Added nexus and pixel feature configs (sysconfigs)
  • Fixed navigation bar sometimes stuck on wrong side
  • Updated 4G+ icon to Android 12 (silk) design
  • Added long press volume buttons to skip track
  • Added long press power button to toggle flashlight
  • Added gesture option to cycle through ringer modes
  • Switched to Google Files app instead of DocumentsUI
  • Increased range of night light intensity
  • Allow to resume/pause downloads
  • Allow disabling mute icon in statusbar tuner
  • Removed pixel props spoofing for most gcam mods
  • Added percentage steps in font size settings
  • Misc optimizations, fixes and improvements.

Updating over previous build:

  • All users can dirty flash (make sure to wipe cache & dalvik cache)
  • Recommended to flash V12.5.4.0 or newer firmware from here
  • Device randomly not waking up after sleep (aka SOD) should be fixed. It was diagnosed as UFS not waking from suspend and has been adequately patched in kernel drivers.
  • BT and wifi MAC address now shows correctly instead of random one. You may need to clean flash to refresh it, as wifi mac address is stored in first boot.
  • Selinux is enforcing, safetynet passes out of the box. User builds mean that most/all banking apps should work fine.
  • Google Photos should have unlimited photos backup now, thanks to nexus sysconfig.
  • Use extra module at your own risk
  • User build
  • SeLinux Enforcing
  • SafetyNet passes by default




  • All Developers and testers.
  • Thanks to Kuba Wojciechowski (for pixel systemui and settings port), PixelExperience, ProtonAOSP and others.

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    • Yes, it will work on Karna also. Most of Rom is “unified” for both Surya and Karna. In some cases, developers mentioned it as only for Surya or Karna.

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