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Get Android 12 For Poco X3 (Surya/Karna)

Android Open Source Project
Android: 12 (S)
Released: 29/11/’21


  • Merged November 2021 security patch (12.0.0_r13)
  • Switched to user builds instead of userdebug
  • Added support for Google Play system updates
  • Updated kernel to latest CAF tag and new optimizations
  • Updated MIUI blobs from V12.5.4.0.RJGMIXM
  • Fixed wifi and bluetooth MAC address
  • Fixed SIM option disappearing after turning off SIM
  • Prevent auto brightness from going too low
  • Fixed content-based refresh rate (60Hz in netflix etc)
  • Fixed Live Captions and recents text selection
  • Added Quick Tap gesture from pixels
  • Added option for proximity check on wake
  • Enabled back Android 12 settings provider model
  • Align lockscreen statusbar with normal statusbar
  • Switched to stock notch cutout configuration
  • Optimized dexpreopt to improve apps performance
  • Switched to FUSE passthrough for faster /storage
  • Improved thermal and touch profiles in xiaomi parts
  • Added new Pixel 6 wallpapers (static and live)
  • Added Extreme Battery Saver from pixels
  • Added new Security Hub from Pixel 6
  • Added nexus and pixel feature configs (sysconfigs)
  • Fixed navigation bar sometimes stuck on wrong side
  • Updated 4G+ icon to Android 12 (silk) design
  • Added long press volume buttons to skip track
  • Added long press power button to toggle flashlight
  • Added gesture option to cycle through ringer modes
  • Switched to Google Files app instead of DocumentsUI
  • Increased range of night light intensity
  • Allow to resume/pause downloads
  • Allow disabling mute icon in statusbar tuner
  • Removed pixel props spoofing for most gcam mods
  • Added percentage steps in font size settings
  • Misc optimizations, fixes and improvements.

Updating over previous build:

  • All users can dirty flash (make sure to wipe cache & dalvik cache)
  • Recommended to flash V12.5.4.0 or newer firmware from here
  • Device randomly not waking up after sleep (aka SOD) should be fixed. It was diagnosed as UFS not waking from suspend and has been adequately patched in kernel drivers.
  • BT and wifi MAC address now shows correctly instead of random one. You may need to clean flash to refresh it, as wifi mac address is stored in first boot.
  • Selinux is enforcing, safetynet passes out of the box. User builds mean that most/all banking apps should work fine.
  • Google Photos should have unlimited photos backup now, thanks to nexus sysconfig.
  • Use extra module at your own risk
  • User build
  • SeLinux Enforcing
  • SafetyNet passes by default




  • All Developers and testers.
  • Thanks to Kuba Wojciechowski (for pixel systemui and settings port), PixelExperience, ProtonAOSP and others.

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  1. rafiq

    is surya rom support in karna

    1. Admin

      Yes, it will work on Karna also. Most of Rom is “unified” for both Surya and Karna. In some cases, developers mentioned it as only for Surya or Karna.

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