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Download Fcrypt Disabler For Android 10,11,12 Devices [Updated 2022]

Dm-Verity, Forced Encryption, And Disc Quota Disabler For Any Android Devices using Recovery.

Disables dm-verity, forced encryption, and/or disc quota. Flash this after flashing your rom. Simply change the name of the zip for what you want:

  • Add ‘verity’ to zipname to disable dm_verity (zipname already has this so remove this if you want to keep it enabled)
  • Add ‘fec’ or ‘forceencrypt’ to zipname to disable force encrypt (zipname already has this so remove these if you want to keep it enabled)
  • Add ‘quota’ to zipname to disable disc quota
  • It’s compatible with most android devices.

Disc quota may need to be disabled if on older twrp and/or want to downgrade to Nougat.

Dm-Verity Encryption?

  • Dm stands for device-mapper.
  • It was first introduced with Android 4.0 KitKat.
  • Dm is a Linux kernel framework that implements volume management (LVM) and full-disk encryption (dm-crypt).
  • So, now you can understand that if you download Dm-verity Forced Encryption Disabler and use it, then it will bypass the Dm-verity check.
  • Below we have put up the active download links for forced encryption disablers.

Universal Encryption Disabler


2) Only For Redmi Note 7 Pro:

Forced Encryption Disabler (Fcryptdisabler) v3
Size: 799.7 KB
Android: 12,(S) 11 (R) & 10 (Q) and any android devices.
By: @tesla59

Release Notes:

  • Removes forced encryption
  • Flash this zip after flashing ROM (before first boot), to stay decrypted


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